Scenario in 2030 will invite leaders from corporates, NGOs to share what they think will be the scenario of their country in 2030.
These will be shared in respective countries.
Remember, it is about the country and not about that particular corporate or NGO or not about the corporate sector or NGO sector.

India, Global example
India is our global example country.
We share India in different folders like
1 folder for India at country level
29 folders for each State in India
1 folder NCT which is National Capital Territory
6 folders for each UT
725 folders for each district in India
Click here to know the scenario of India which is covered in this folder .

Thane district in India
Thane is not a country but is a district in India and is our special global example. We plan to Brand Thane, so each stakeholder category is shared on a separate page where there will be ads for that particular page.

For each ad, instead of the money going to CSR Consulting, it will be a donation to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust and all the donation amount (excluding Chartered Accountant's fees) will be invested in Brand Thane (Branding, promotion, programmes in Thane).
The amount of donation will be left to the advertiser on that page.

Thane is our dream

We understand
There are some natural (like earthquake or flood) or human made disasters (like war) which are unpredicted.

For details, contact Datacentre plans to reachout to corporates, NGOs, FAs, Philanthropists, Media, foreign embassies, government officials worldover. For details, contact Datacentre.