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Amey Joshi, a great inspiration for the world (You can contact him on him on India number 07666168483)

What are challenges you faced in education (education + value education)
I was from lower middle class family and I was average guy in studies. I was the most targeted guy by others to tease me and make fun of me.

My father was only earner and my mother was housewife, so we were not able to afford the things which other higher class boys used to afford.

From the beginning I was taught by my parents that be happy in what you've got and don't demand anything from others and I also never borrowed a single penny from anyone.

But the rule of the world is that if you don't have money then you don't have a voice. My class boys never took me to play with them because we were poor but that time I never understood what's the matter of playing and family financial condition. They always made me feel that I belong to lower middle class, so that's the huge crime I've made.

My father was very hardworking and I've seen what efforts he has taken so I never told my parents how others make fun of me at the school everyday.

But as a human being, there are limitations to tolerate the taunting at the age of 10-12 years. I used to cry alone but I never told anything to my parents.

From those days I've decided that I'll achieve a great success and I'll fulfill all my dreams and for that I'll give my best. I believe that 'if you are not born in a rich family, its not your fault but if you die poor then it's definitely your fault. 'that's why I've decided to be a chartered accountant and company secretary to fulfil all my wishes.

I don't want to achieve success to show the others but I want to be a successful man because that will give me a lot of satisfaction and I am working hard for it and I believe I'll be successful very soon.

When I entered college I faced ragging for some days but then my tolerance limit was over and I beat those guys and from that moment I decided now onwards I won't listen to anyone saying untrue things and I'll do what I want and won't let anyone to interfere in my life and I'll achieve everything on my own. At this age I've achieved much as compared to other boys of my age but this is just a beginning. I am currently working as a finance manager in an IT company. The past situations made me very focused and courageous in my life.

2 It was sad that your father suffered from Cancer. How you & your mother coped with this difficult situation ?
We had no idea that my father is suffering from cancer till cancer reached in the 4th stage, that was out of control.

He went on tour and that time he suffered there from blood vomiting and when he came back by travelling 2 days in a train in that situation, he was quite weak and sick. When we came to know about this myself and my mother got a huge shock as if something happens to a head of family then the whole family collapses.

But we immediately decided to face the situation strongly and give courage to my father because crying is not the solution of any problem.

That time I was doing articleship training (this is mandatory for becoming a chartered accountant in India) and earning Rs.1000/- per month (USD 16.66 per month if we calculate the USD rate of USD 1 = Rs 60).

There was no income and we had to make huge expenses for medicines and household expenditure. That time myself and my mother decided not to borrow a single rupee from anyone and were committed to manage on our own and for the next two years of treatment we did everything on our own without any financial, moral or other support by anyone else.

But the doctor who did the treatment was very kind and gave us lot of support.

It is rightly said that if you have everything then people praise you whatever you have done but if you don't have everything then don't expect that people will come and help you.

But from that day I help the needy people as much as possible as I know how it feels when you are hungry. I've seen the days when I used to eat just vadapav (a small potato dish with a bread) as dinner and now I can afford to have dinner at 5 star hotel, but now I don't get excited because I know the truth that you can do anything to feed your hunger and we all do the work for feeding our hunger and if we understand this truth then we won't judge every person by his financial condition only.

I would like to tell those people who are currently facing any problems that don't give up, try hard and you will get success one day for sure because all days are not same. And god also helps only those who are willing to change the situation by their own efforts. If you just sit crying then situation is not going to change by itself. Just give your best and god will always bless you.

3 What was the reaction & response of father’s office, your schoolmates, your relatives ?
We had no time to inform anyone because operation was urgent and it was carried out next day after detection of cancer. But after that also we had no support from anyone except my mother's mother (Nalu grandmother) and doctor.

Response from my father's office was quite good and the MD of his office was quite helpful to us. Except that there was no one to help us and that situation taught us not to believe on everyone because only few people come when you really need help and support, but that situation has made us very strong and tough so now we are able to do everything on ourselves without being dependent on anyone.

4 What is the economics of cancer treatment because globally only a few out of 7 billion citizens can afford this treatment ?
The cancer treatment is very expensive and still it is out of reach of ordinary people. We spent around Rs.15 lacs (USD 25000 @ 1 USD = Rs 60/-)for total treatment.

I was very much determined that we'll do anything to cure my father. Once I heard about some different treatment told by other doctor for which another Rs.10 lacs (USD 16666.66 @ 1 USD = Rs 60/-) required, I went to our doctor and told him that I have to save my father in any situation and I am even ready to sell my kidney if you give me guarantee that he'll survive for sure but our doctor told me not to do this as cancer was spread in whole body and he was not going to get cured.

But the whole treatment we did on our own without anyone's help. People were thinking how we are going to manage finance but my father had already done enough savings.

5 It was even more difficult because you had to suffer from an unknown disease (not mental pressure but physical disease). How you & your mother tackled this situation. And did your father who was going through chemotherapy that time knew about your disease ?
I was facing some health issues some days before father's cancer detected. I was having stomach problem because I had a food poisoning and the doctor gave me wrong medicines. I had continuous stomach ache for 8 months with vomiting and motions.

But that time I told my mother I am quite positive about the situation as it will change and if I'll dye then no problem but if I'll survive then no one can stop me in future to achieve success, and after curing from the health issue I started both CA and CS which is quite difficult to do both at a time But I've made my mind and focus clear that I'll do both and that too as early as possible.

6 While you were going through your treatment, you had the physical & mental courage to help your father’s treatment ? How ?
My father's treatment started few months after I got cured but my illness gave me a lot of courage to face the cancer treatment of my father because till that time I had give up all my fear.

Due to these situations I am now a fearless man. But it's not easy to see father in such a situation. I remember I spent many nights sitting near my father thinking that I can sleep anytime but I am not going to see this person after some days forever. And to loose someone very close to you at early age is not at all easy.

7 The world should get inspiration from you that having gone through all difficult situations, you have already passed entrance & inter exams of Chartered accountancy (CA) & company secretary (CS) and will give the final examination of both CA & CS in 2016. How did you so this ?
I am very focused about my career and future. I know only one thing that I've decided to do these CA & CS courses then I have to complete these in any situation. I always think that "I'll be successful, may not be immediately but definitely." I always want to defeat the difficult situation and not no get defeated against difficult situation. I always say I want people to follow me, I don't want to be a follower of any other person. I went for my CA inter exam a day after the day my father passed away. I am very ambitious about my career and my parents also always encouraged me.

Cancer is that thing which cannot be totally cured. It always remains inside but if you detect it at early stage, you may extend life for some more years. Cancer never sees religion, caste, age, sex etc. the main thing to fight against cancer is to be positive. Never loose hope till last day of your life.

Everything written is my true story and I would be glad if it'll help someone to get out of the situations. May god bless you all.

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