Viluppuram District index

Official Website : http://viluppuram.nic.in

Headquarters : Viluppuram
State : Tamil Nadu

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 7194
Rural : 6992.66
Urban : 201.34

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 3458873
Rural : 2939785
Urban : 519088
Male : 1740819
Female : 1718054
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 987
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 481

Helplines :
State Control Room : 1070
Collectorate Control Room : 04146-223265
Collectorate Board : 04146-223264 to 223268
Police Control Room : 100
Accident Help Line : 108
Fire and Rescue : 101
Ambulance Help Line : 102
Child Help Line : 1098
Disaster Help Line : 1077
Sexual Harrashment : 1091
BSNL Help Line : 1500
Drinking Water Help Line : 1800-425-3566
Aadhaar Help Line : 1947

Population (Census 2010) : The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Brief About Villupuram District
Viluppuram History
Viluppuram District was earlier a part of Cuddalore District.  It was then bifurcated from Cuddalore and became  a separate district on 30th September 1993. Because of this, the history of Viluppuram district closely resembles that of Cuddalore.

The Cholas were the early rulers. Among these rulers, Karikala Chola was the most famous and powerful.

For a short period, the Cholas were overthrown by Simha Vishnu Pallava and the Region came under the Pallava rule for sometime.  Vijayalaya Chola again revived Chola rule. This was the beginning of great Chola Empire. The later Chola rulers were weak and the power passed on to the hands of Eastern Chalukyas.

Cholas regained their lost position but with the rise of Jatavarman Sundara Pandya-1 (1251 A.D), Chola supremacy came to an end. The sway of Pandyas lasted for over 50 years, followed by Muslim domination from 1334 to 1378 A.D.  By 1378,  the region came under the rule of Vijayanagar Kingdom and Nayaks were appointed  as the rulers of the region.

In 1677 Shivaji took Ginjee area with the assistance of Golkonda forces. Then came the Mughals. During the Mughal regime, both the English and French acquired settlements in South Arcot. During the Anglo-French rivalry,  the entire district was turned into a war land. After sometime, the entire area came under the control of East India Company.  It remained under British authority till 1947 when India became independent.

Geographical Position

Viluppuram District lies between 11 38' 25" N and 12 20' 44" S: 78 15' 00"  W and 79 42' 55" E with an area of 722203 Hec.   It was carved out from the South Arcot District on 30.09.1993 and was rehristened as Viluppuram District.  The residual part of the erstwhile South Arcot district was named as Cuddalore District.It is surrounded on East and South by Cuddalore District.  The West by Salem and Dharmapuri District and on the North by Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram District. 
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