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Gift Deed

There are more than 1.4 billion citizens in the world who live Below the Poverty Line.
Are we doing something to take care of at least one of them ?
Or we are too busy with our own life, our own & family's sustainability ? Or are we too greedy to think of our own & family's wealth - so much so that we think wealth will take care of health.

Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat, founder of CSRidentity.com and cofounder of the social enterprise which manages it, thinks the following (He is not a lawyer but that doesnt stop him thinking)
1) Take care of 1 Below the poverty line citizen when you live
(By financial donation or a Gift Deed) or
2) When you leave this earth, Gift something to the world through a registered WILL. Remember, every one of us has expiry date.
3) Everyone has something she / he can Gift to community or organisation and during one's life, the celebrities have more power to donate their celebrity skills to people who deserve it.
4) Business celebrities or management people can easily gift her / his core competency management skill to NGOs who desperately need it.
We are doing a volunteering initiative where one can gift skills or core competencies to not your blood relatives or people from your country but people anywhere in the world.

Gift deeds are Gifts.
Ideally these gifts can be to any individual or organisation or it can be to a country or world or universe...... like Bhau (founder's father) gifted him the concept of Viswachi Maze Ghar and Rohan (founder's son) indirectly gifted him the idea of Integration of work for people & climate that individuals & organisations are doing in all countries.

Is there a LAW which says that a doctor's daughter or son should be a doctor or a business woman's or business man's daughter or son should take care of the business their mother or father started .... we dont think there is any such law in India or in the world .... it may be thinking or wish of some doctors or a business persons or a film persons or a sports persons that their daughter or son should take same field ....

Like Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat thought that his second son Aum, should take care of CSRidentity.com, but Aum has different plans, he wants to be a doctor ... and our founder is of the firm belief parents should not interfer in the next generation's thinking ... yes, they can guide, should share positive and negative sides ... but they cant dictate .... and our founder has learnt & expereinced the simple but great behaviour from Bhau (his father) who did not interphere when Sanjay wanted to start a social enterprise based on internet in 1999 (And in India, internet was very new concept & idea that time).

Dont make Gifts Deed as Gifts Dead.
What to give as a GIFT is a private thing and it is not at all mandatory to make it known to public before you gift it.

Housing society can not dictate what one should eat or not eat in one's house. Its a private decision what to eat.
But if one is a diabetic patient, then the society doesnt tell the person not to eat sugar. Yes, they can request but cant dictate. It is not societies decision.
Doctors tell the person with Diabetes to avoid eating tooo much sugar because it certainly will damage your life. They can tell but will not know whether the patient eats too much sugar in their absence at home. So it will be their guidelines not dictatorship in the house of patient because it is not a hospital whete they can ensure eating or anything that a patient does)

If the government changes the law in 2017, then it is applicable to all the cases that are heard after the law is passed, even if the decision was taken in 2013 or in 1961 or in 1857.
e.g. If a country becomes independent in 1947, no one can say that you were born in 1931, so you are a citizen of the country while ruled your country then and not a citizen of the country which was independent 16 years after you were born. Decisions taken in 1946 cant be the same because the law can be different after independence and one must follow the law that exists today.
If one goes by law, and one fights for wrong things, one must loose. Winning by doing something wrong is not winning. Its just wasting time & money winning wrongly.

Giving a gift of Knowledge or Information or foot ball or someone liked by someone, does not need permission of a Housing society where you stay.
If father or mother gives a Gift of Knowledge to his son, then nobody including his sister or brother or relatives should not say that parents have not taken Legal permission for gifting knowledge because parents, son, his sister or brothers stay together. If sister or brother is not keen on getting knowledge, then parents give it to others including their son or any other person ....

That way, our fouder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat thinks that World & Universe is his large house.
And laws of housing may be different in different countries. He cant take permissions of each government for what he thinks. It is not possible.

If one feels extremely happy that they have won legal case, its good. If one looses a wrong case, its right thing to loose and because nothing wrong should be won.
For giving a gift which does not need legal permission if some individual or organisation says you to not take legal permission, so the gift deed is not accepted is not right at all.

Is Gift Deed dead ?

In our founder's case, his Life is a Gift given to him by his father (He was born on 8.8.62 and reborn - not physically reborn but saved - on 28.8.2013).
It is a gift of new life with new vision and far deeper Gift of satisfaction. BUT with greater responsibility because now he thinks Universe is his house.


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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.