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Afghanistan United Nation Party

National United Party of Afghanistan
Founded 21 August 2003

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
Founded 17 April 2004

Hizb ut-Tahrir
Founded 1953

Afghan Peace Movement

Islamic Party
Founded 1975

Republican Party of Afghanistan

Islamic Society
Founded 6 November 1999

Islamic Movement of Afghanistan
Founded 1978

Afghan Social Democratic Party
March, 1966

Islamic United Party of Afghanistan
Founded 1989

Islamic Dawah Organisation of Afghanistan
Founded 2005

National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan
Founded 1992

National Rescue Front
Afghan Liberal Party
Wadan Afghanistan Party

Minor parties
Afghanistan Welfare's Party (Hizb-e-Refah e Afghanistan)
Democratic Party of Afghanistan
Haqiqat e Afghan Association (Majma e Haqiqat e Afghan)
National Congress Party (Hezb-e-Congra-e-Mili Afghanistan)
National Islamic Front (Hezb-e-Mahaz-e-Mili Islami)
National Movement of Afghanistan (Hezb-e-Nuhzhat-e-Mili Afghanistan)
National Solidarity Movement (Hezb-e-Nahzat-e-Hambastagee Mili)
National Sovereignty Party (Hezb-e-Eqtedar-e-Mili)
National Islamic Unity Party (Hezb-e-Wahdat-e-Mili Islami)
National Solidarity Party (Hezb-e-Paiwand Mili)
Pashtoons Social Democratic Party (De Pashtano Tolaneez Wolaswaleez Gwand)
People's Islamist Movement (Harakat-e Islami-yi)
People's Party of Afghanistan (Hizb-e Mardum-e Afghanistan)
Progressive Democratic Party of Afghanistan
Truth and Justice
Unit Party
Youth Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (Hezb-e-Hambastagee Mili Jawanan) led by Doctor Fahim Tokhi
Afghan Liberal Party (Hizbe Azadikhwai Afghanistan)