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Official Website : http://balrampur.gov.in

Headquarters : Balrampur
State : Chhattisgarh

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Area 60.16 lakh hectares

Population (Census 2011)
Total : Population 7,30,491
Rural : 0
Urban : 0
Male : 0
Female : 0
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 0
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 0

Official language : Hindi, Surgujiha

Helplines :
1. Up Dial 100 100
2. Women Help Line 1090
3. Ambulance Service 108
4. Cm Help Line 1076
5. National Ambulance Service 1098
6. Fire Service 101
7. Women Ambulance 102
8. Traffic Police 103
9. Police 100
10. Ambulance 108
11. Women Helpline 1091
12. Child Helpline 1098
13. Disaster Management 9454417607
14. S.No SERVICE Number

Population (Census 2010) :
According to the 2011 census Balrampur district has a population of 21,48,795

Click on the following link to download district statistics as per NITI Ayog website

Balrampur district is one of the 26th districts of Chhattisgarh state, (India) and Balrampur town is the administrative headquarters of this district. It was earlier part of surguja District.Chhatisgarh Cm Dr. Raman Singh Announced On 15 August 2011 For Independet Balrampur District & 01 January 2012 It is now Running in Adminstration.The Balrampur district occupies the north part of Chhattisgarh state. The district is bound on north and northeast of its parent district, i.e. Surguja district. . The total area of the district is approximately 3806.08 Sq. Kms. a The Six block divisions are Balrampur, Rajpur, Shankargarh,kusmi,RamchandarPur and Wadrafnagar. Most part of the district consists of hills. The district is rich in forest.

The district is famous for its rich wildlife as it has very thick cover of forest. Nearest airport is at Raipur and railway station is at Sarguja. By road, Balrampur is linked with Sarguja, Raipur and Vishakhapatnam. It's headquarter is situated at Balrampur which is approximately 80 KMs south from the District Sarguja. Tata Pani Is the main geographical feature of the district.

District Formation Date 01-01-2012
Located Latitude:23. 60° Longitude: 83. 62 °
Constituency Surguja
Assembly 6(ST) (Pratappur) , 7 (ST)(Ramanujganj) , 8 (St) Samri
Total Area 3806.08 Sq. Km
Total No. of Villages 645 Villages
Total Population 5,98,855
Scheduled Caste Population 26,654
Scheduled Tribes Population 371747
Literacy Rate 54.24 %
District Hospital 1
Police District 1
Police Stations 16
Trafic Police Stations 3

Balrampur district is a predominantly agricultural district. The soil is fertile. This district is populated. Paddy and Wheat are the main agricultural crops raised by farmers in the district.