Biswanath District index

Helplines :
Name of the S. P.
Shri Diganta Kumar Choudhury, APS
Mobile 94350-37642
Name of thr ASP HQ Samad Hussain APS
Mobile 9435514472
Name of the DSP HQ Punyeswar Doley APS
Mobile 9435176428
Office (03715) 230094
Residence (03715) 230093
Wll (03715) 295777
Fax (03715) 230082/ 230083

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

Biswanath (IPA: ˌbɪswəˈnɑːθ ˈtʃɑːrɪˌælɪ) (Assamese: বিশ্বনাথ জিলা ) is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. It is one of newly created district in the year by 2015, declared by Assam Chief Minister on 15 August 2015. The district is created amalgamating Gohpur and most part of Biswanath Sub division on earlier Sonitpur district . The district is bounded by Arunachal Pradesh district on north, Golaghat, Brahmaputra on the south, Lakhimpur district on the east and Sonitpur district on the west. The administrative headquarter is located at Biswanath Chariali.


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