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Cocos Islands is an archipelago and a territory of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean.

The archipelago consists of 27 islands, although only 2 are inhabited.

Its nearest neighbours are Maldives and Sri Lanka to the northwest, Singapore to the northeast, Christmas Island to the east and Australia to the southeast.

If you fancy snorkelling around these beautiful islands to explore the coral and fish that live in these crystal clear waters, follow the coordinates of 12.1167° S, 96.9000°

The islands are all fairly flat and made up of low-lying coral.

The total land area of Cocos Islands is 5.4 square miles (14 square kilometres)…
…that’s around 1/3 the size of Oxford.

Cocos Islands’ population was just 596 in 2014…
…that’s around 1/250 of the population of Oxford!

In case you were wondering, residents here are known as Cocos Islanders.

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