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Successful film names as Celebrities

From now to 28th March 2018, we plan to share names of films in at least 100 countries.

We had initially thought that anything related to films, police, academics, music ..... is not a role of CSRidentity.com but then we realised two things.
1) We now believe that every individual & every institution has a definite role in CSR because we have redefined CSR as Conscience Sustainability & Reputation.
2) We had started film celebrities (which cover film heroines, heroes, villains, actors), film writer celebrities, film celebrities - experienced producers / directors, film celebrities - budding producers / directors... when we were thinking what else we should have online on 23.3.2017, we realised that we are sharing the names of countries, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies ... because people remember the name Google.com or Wilipedia.com or Al jhazeera.com and they do not remember the name of the founder or the actual name of the company or people remember HelpAge as an NGO and not the founder or people remember UN, World Bank, WHO... not the founder.
We realised that we are sharing individual heoines, heroes, film writers but they are celebrities because of the films in which they acted or produced or directed or written. So like we share corporate names, film names are critically important.

It is myopic to think that people think films for enjoyment because it looks at films from the viewers point of view. But we cant tell you how many people depend on their livelihood for films and we are not just talking about heoines, heroes, film producers / directors, film writers ... but their assistants, infact the entire team that makes a film, film distributors and their office staff, film theatres and people there, people who have fruit stalls in theatres ....... so films are like corporates who make lot of livelihoods.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com the following
1) name of the film.
2) one para profile with link to website source which suggests the name.

Please note
1) The person shared may be alive or may not be alive like Newton or Edison are not medically alive but dont we remember them & their discoveries.
2) These persons can be used for advertising with their legal permission and not our permission.
3) We admire the popularity of the persons mentioned. We know that we dont have to take legal permission to just share names like moon, earth, sun, any planets, any Prime Ministers or Presidents or Premiers. We are just sharing names.