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Official Website : http://firozabad.nic.in

Headquarters : Firozabad
State : Uttar Pradesh

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 2407
Rural : 2343.99
Urban : 63.01

Population (Census 2011)
Population : 2498156
Rural : 1664987
Urban : 833169
Male : 1332046
Female : 1166110
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 875
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 1038

Official language : Hindi

Helplines :
1076 – Chief Minister Help Line
100 – Police Help Line
1090 – Woman Help Line
1098 – Child Help Line

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Brief About Firozabad District
The ancient name of this town was Chandwar nager. The name of Firozabad was given in the regime of Akbar by Firoz Shah Mansab Dar in 1566. They say that Raja Todarmal was passing through this town , pilgrimage to Gaya. He was looted by robbers. At his request , Akbar the great send his Mansab Dar Firoz Shah here . He landed near or about Datauji, Rasoolpur, Mohammadpur Gajmalpur, Sukhmalpur Nizamabad, Prempur Raipura. The tomb of Firoz Shah and ruins of Katra Pathanan are the evidences of this fact.

Mr. Peter, who was the businessman , related to East India Company visited on 9 August 1632 and found the town in good condition. It is written in the gazetteer of Agra and Mathura in 1596 Firozabad was upgraded in a Pargana . Firozabad was bestowed to Nabab Sadulla as jagir , in the regime of Shahjahan . Jahangir ruled since 1605 to 1627 . Etawah, Budaun, Mainpuri, Firozabad were under first class mansabdar of emperor Farrukhsiar.

Bajirao peshwa looted Firozabad and Etmadpur in 1737 in the regime of Mohammad Shah . Jats of Mahawan attacked Faujdar Hakim Kajim at Firozabad and killed him in 9 May 1739. Jats ruled Firozabad for 30 years.

Gajuddin , Hidayat Vaksh son of Alamgir second his nephew and Mirza baba the son in law , came to Firozabad .Mirza Nabab Khan stayed here till 1782. In the end of 18th century Firozabad was ruled by Himmat Bahadur Gusain with cooperation of Marathas .

The French , Army chief of Marathas D. Wayan, established an ordinance factory in November 1794 . Mr. Thomas Traving also mentioned this fact in his book "Travels in India " .

Marathas appointed his subadar Lakwadads here who made a fort near old tehsil , knows at present garie .

General Lek and General Vellajally attacked Firozabad in 1802 . In the begning of British rigime Firozabad was in Etawah district . But after sometime it was attached to Aligarh district . When Sadabad was created a new district in 1832 , Firozabad was attached to it . Later on 1833 Firozabad was finally attached to Agra . In 1847 the business of lakh was flourishing at Firozabad .

1857 , freedom–fighting , Chauhans of Mainpuri , Jamidar of Chandwar , with local Malahs , look active parts in it . Famous Urdu poet Munir Shikohabadi too was sentenced to Kala pani by East India company government .

People of this city took part in "khilafat Movement","Quit India Movement" and "Namak Satyagrah" and went to the jail during national movements .

In 1929 Father of Nation , Mahatama Gandhi, in 1935 Semant Gandhi in 1937 Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and in 1940 Netaji Subash Chand Bose visited Firozabad.

Firozabad district was established on 5/2/89.The District is connected by rail and bus to major cities . The nearest Airport is Agra . Longitude is 78 degree of east and latitude is 27 degree of north . The height is above mean sea level 164.467 meter .

The boundaries of district touch Etah district in north and Mainpuri and Etawah in east. The Yamuna river makes its southern boundary. The area of district is about 0.8% of total area of U.P. and population is 1.1% of total population of U.P. Aproximately 73.6% population is living in rural area. It has severe winter and summer seasons. Mostly district is plane and its slope is from north west to south.