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How you can fund ?
World will admire you if you give USD 1 billion.
We will admire you if you give USD 1 (Yes, USD 1 not USD 1 billion because we know only few can do this and we think Giving has to be in your mind. How much to give is dependent on your financial condition)

We think Philanthropy is mindset.
We will admire you more if if you donate USD 100/- or Rs 6500/- to one person or an organisation that you think is credible.,
We will start sharing how small amounts really help us make BIG things.
Afterall, we believe an ocean has billions of drops.
Integration is key is what Rohan teaches us all the time
We will start with our global examples

For all donations in India, you can use our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust which has FCRA as well as can give you 80G.
We have 5 global examples.
Of these 4 are small locations or organisations and 5th one Thane is a big location.
100% of the money that you give to first 4 locations will be used for them.
In case of Thane, we will have a team working on promotion.

We share FREE following.
1) Funding proposals
2) Programme

These are only for
1) Social, Health, Climate and nation building issues
2) From all countries
3) These are shared as links so that one can contact them directly
4) These are for Governments, NGOs, corporates, funding agencies
5) We do not share any individual (person) because we know millions of people need help but it is difficult to check the credibility of the person. Individuals have to coordinate with an NGO / NPO, so that donors can not only check the credibility of the NGO but will see how they can help non financially as well.
6) These are shared in their district (in caes of India) and in their country (countries other than India)


Ashray Akruti Foundation, Thane
Rs 6500/- or USD 100/- : 20 days grocery for 15 children and 3 care takers for Ashray Akruti.
Contact Cecil Dmello of Ashray Akruti on India number 8879901991