Population : 127,484,450
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Japan 2035 : Healthcare vision

JAXA : Aim is to make future lunar mobility a reality

Innovation : For Japan and elsewhere in the world, it will be innovation that unquestionably will resolve the issues we face in the future. Japan is committed to being the very first country to prove that it is possible to grow through innovation even when its population declines.

CYBERNIC TREATMENT : Recovering lost bodily functions

Japanese Government Wants Evacuees To Return To Fukushima In Time To Make Olympics Look Good

G20 Summit & Ministerial Meetings to be Held for the First Time in Japan

Telemedicine ; Nursing robots ; Monitoring service

Japan in Africa

Society 5.0 is Japan’s vision for the next step in human evolution after hunter-gather, agrarian, industrial and information society stages. It will enhance industrial competitiveness and help with the establishment of a society more attuned to individual needs. The focus is on the vast potential of accumulating data, and new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, in order to find solutions to social issues such as the declining birth rate, an aging population, and environmental and energy issues.

Productive Individuals & Society
Smart Regulations & Laws
Attractive International Opportunities
More Competitive Business

G20 Summit & Ministerial Meetings to be Held for the First Time in Japan
Innovation promoted in Japan

Official Development Assistance


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