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In India, we have seen that lawyers use lots of paper. If there are thousands of lawyers in various district courts, high courts & supreme court, then integrate the papers lawyers use every day, every year and you can understand how many tonnes of papers are used by lawyers only in India. And papers used means wood is cut because wood has to be cut to make papers. It means that lot of trees are cut. We may write to the law ministry on the issue of climate change. If we digitise legal system, then not only papers, trees & forests are saved but issues like ethics, governance & transperency is taken care of. (Of course whenever privacy is required, courts have to take care of). Also when legal cases are discussed in district court, the digitised legal system will ensure that supreme court has access to it.

What is CSR ?
CSR is far larger than corporate social responsibility. CSR is conscience, sustainability & reputation.

The identity of each lawyer is important. Because law makes an identity of a nation.

Why we cover all countries, SARs & some islands?
You are able to visit the new vision of CSRidentity.com thanks to Bhau who took our cofounder after an almost fatal accident to Jupiter Hospital on 28.8.2013.
Bhau gave us new vision by sharing an age old saying of Vishwachi Maze Ghar.

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Law & Climate change
In India, we are seeing that Lawyers use so many papers to file legal cases.
Imagine a lawyer has done 1000 legal cases, and equate it to the trees that are cut )because use of paper means need of wood means trees have to be cut), then one can assume that if India has thousands of lawayers, then .... tonnes of trees are cut. And this is happening when the young students are given elaerning experiences. Which means the lawyers or any one from the earlier generation is responsible for cutting trees by using papers and the new generation is getting clever of using laptops, tabs for their education .... and interestingly the older generation tells the new generation to use tabs because the older generations forms rules)

We plan to write to Indian Justice department to save climate and make digital legal cases. (It is also good for governance, anticorruption and speed).

Law & time
In India, we have seen how much time is taken by courts for someone even to stand before court.
Our cofounder had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, but he is not asked to stand in court cases till 17th January 2018 which is more than 4 years & 4 plus months. We understand that population of India is so much that the case to stand in court takes time but 4 years & 4 plus months is not at all good and the legal system in this world will not like it at all.
We think fatal or almost fatal cases or legal cases which can be case studies for millions of people must be taken on an urgent basis.

If one goes to a doctor with say cough, cold, fever ... it is understandable that she / he is heard and told that it will take ... days, just take this medicine and you dont even think of hospitalisation. But if one has heart attack, then the hospital treats that patient urgently. And they see if the heart attack is to a patient who has diabetes or blood pressure or .. and operate accordingly. They dont say that let the diabetes be cured first and then only we will take the heart case. We want the courts across the world think as if they are legal hospitals and lawyers should think that they are legal doctors. Then and only then, one will have faith in the law system which in India is so neatly programmed with good quality (We are saying about the system and not implementation).

Is LAW listening ?
And does law take care of truth faster because law has many more decades than the life of a human being?

Some people are born as human beings.
But .. they have lost humanity.
Not forgotten humanity but ego & greed have eaten - not stolen - that humanity.

In a democratic country, a medically sound person has the right to decide about his money or self earned property. This is human right as well as legal right. But ordinary societies and people in that society waste time of the world wasting not just money but time of people & India courts which have many things to take care.

Societies dont share minutes of their board meeting with members (they have the wrong habits of just sharing part of the discussions not minutes of the Board meeting .... they share legal issues with only concerned member not the whole member community ... they dont share the lawyers name and number so that one can tell the related society government office that this is the lawyer who is wasting time & money) ...
Indian societies related office must take strong action against such waste and if needed dissolve board..