Law universities, colleges, institutions (Names & addresses)
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We are sharing law universities / law colleges which take undergraduate as well as post graduate courses.
Each citizen must follow the law of her / his country.

We have seen lawyers in India closely and feel that lawyers are individuals which are one of the high rated climate changers (climate damagers) because each lawyer uses many papers for their legal cases. And use of paper means cutting trees because paper has to be made from wood.

We have shared law colleges, universities in India as of now and will share them in 50 plus countries by year end.
In India, which is our global example country, we will write to the ministry which handles law / justice about less use of paper. And yes, we know legal cases need lot of proofs and therefore papers. But with online systems, all the legal cases can be online & since people first go to District court, then High Court or in some cases Supreme court. Instead of each court, online copies can be just carry forward but offline paper driven cases, each court is unnecessarily given all the papers again.

In case of India, we feel that law colleges, universities must teach their students (who will become lawyers) to take cases for hearing faster because there are thousands of cases maybe because of population. And people have to invest lot of years for the cases to be heard.

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2019
We plan to share names of Law institutes / universities in 50 plus countries..
For us : Colleges / institutes / universities are covdered under universities

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