Mahabubabad District index

Official Website : http://mahabubabad.telangana.gov.in

Headquarters :
State : Telangana

Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
Total : 0
Rural : 0
Total : 0

Population (Census 2011)
Total : 0
Rural : 0
Urban : 0
Male : 0
Female : 0
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) : 0
Density (Total, Persons per sq km) : 0

Official language : Telugu, Urdu

Helplines :
1 District Collector 7995085423
2 Joint Collector 7995085424
3 District Revenue Officer 7995085427
4 Superintendent of Police 8332851100
1 Revenue Divisional Officer 7995074775
2 Mahabubabad 7995074778
3 Kuravi 7995074779
4 Kesamudram 7995074780
5 Dornakal 7995074781
6 Gudur 7995074782
7 Kothaguda 7995074783
8 Gangaram 7995074784
9 Bayyaram 7995074785
10 Garla 7995074787
THORRUR Division
1 Revenue Divisional Officer, 7995074789
2 Chinnagudur 7995074791
3 Danthalapally 7995074792
4 Thorrur 7995074793
5 Nellikudur 7995074794
6 Maripeda 7995074795
7 Narsimhulapet 7995074796
8 Peddavangara 7995074797

Population (Census 2010) :
The current world population is 7.6 billion (As of 1st July 2018)

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Mahabubabad is a district of its own of the Indian state of Telangana. It is on the west bank of the Munneru, which is one of the tributaries of the River Krishna.The district shares boundaries with Suryapet, Khammam, Bhadradri Kothagudem,Jayashankar Bhupalpalle,Warangal Rural,Janagoan districts.


Manukota comes from Mranukota. In Telugu the meaning of 'Mranu' is 'tree' and that of 'Kota' is 'fort'. In English it translates as 'fort made of trees'. In earlier days Manukota used to be covered with plenty of trees like a fort. Later it happened to spell as Manukota.

Manukota derived its name from one of its past rulers, Mahabub who is one of the officials, of H'ble Nizam. Before Independence, he once arrived at Manukota where he stayed outside the town in a place which is called Shikarkhana. The name of Manukota by the passage of the time, hence changed to Manukota.


Mahbubabad has a semi-tropical climate, where the people and its surroundings are pleasant and enjoyable. During summers, the temperatures soar to more than 48 °C. In winters, temperatures range between 12 °C and 27 °C, which is pleasant. Mahbubabad receives the North-East and the South-West monsoon, from June to September, and from October to November respectively. Mainly relies on the monsoons and rainfall. Details of the weather are available at[3]


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