Medical universities, colleges, institutions (Names & addresses). We will share MBBS, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic colleges.
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The old saying is Health is Wealth. We respect medical institutions & universities who teach the student the value of life. While some students understand this value, there are many students who value their education wrongly and use the knowledge only to make lot of money.

Yes, we want the Doctors to charge because they use the knowledge they earn.
We know that if someone can pay, she / he must pay for medical treatment / consulting and someone who cant pay because of economic conditions (or ill treatment by closed ones) must be considered by Doctors while charging fees.

It is important for Doctors to understand that in medical colleges, they get knowledge & experience.
And they must note that medical treatment is required for all humans whether they are economically rich or poor, whether they are black or white skin colour, they can be from any religion ...

Ideally therefore, they can charge the rich who can pay but must have a discounted fee for poor.
Doctors can volunteer free of cost and donate time (instand of money) to hospitals which work for needy people.
These medical institutions or universtities must also tie up with legal institutes or universities for understanding the law to give immediate treatment in case of accidents or office pressure.

We value veternary doctors who help other forms of living beings like the pet animals, marine life, wild life or any type of animal not covered in the earlier three versions.

We will start promoting the concept of Sustainability Tree to all the institutes so that students not only understand the concept but can suggest modifications if any.

Our plan for sharing names
By 28.3.2019
We plan to share names of medical institutes / universities in 50 plus countries..
For us : Colleges / institutes / universities are covdered under universities

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