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We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

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Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

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46 types of celebrities
We term them celebrities
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Any social issue
Any country
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Ads of awards / career opportunities / seminars / conferences / events / webcasts / training programmes are shared for two months because we want to promote it in that country.


The banners are shared on top of the index page of related stakeholder plus the same banner is shared at the bottom of 258 countries & islands

Government schemes
Foreign embassies
Funding agencies
Advertising agency
PR agencies
Political parties
Ministry of justice or law
Locations you must know
Experiential tourism
United Nations
World Bank
Business associations
Industry associations
Giants clubs
Lions clubs
Rotary clubs
Sports clubs
Law colleges
MBA colleges
Medical colleges
Social work colleges

The banners are shared on top of the index page of related stakeholder plus the same banner is shared at the bottom of 258 countries & islands

46 types of celebrities
Academic celebrities
Activist celebrities
Administration celebs
Adventure celebrities
Architect celebrities
Art celebrities
Author celebrities
Blogger celebrities
Business celebrities
Comedy celebrities
Common greats celebs
Dance celebrities
Developmental celebrities
Drama celebrities
Economy celebrities
Engineer celebrities
Environment celebrities
Fashion celebrities
Film names as celebrities
Film actor celebrities
Film celebrities
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Film celebrities
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Fine art celebrities
Food celebrities
Health celebrities
History celebrities
Journalism celebrities
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Literature celebrities
Media celebrities
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Peace celebrities
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Photography celebrities
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Political celebrities
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Royalty celebrities
Science celebrities
Singing celebrities
Spiritual celebrities
Sports celebrities
Television celebrities

The banners are shared on top of the index page of related stakeholder plus the same banner is shared at the bottom of 258 countries & islands

Blood banks

NGO Founders
Social workers
CSR people
Corp com people
PR people

Historical locations
Religious locations

Community volunteering
Core competency volunteering
Human habits volunteering
Skill volunteering
Time volunteering

Blood donation
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If any individual or institution wants to give a link their name to their website or facebook or linked in account, then we will charge a nominal fee.
For communication, just send a mail to Sanjay
It is important to note that we do not give links to sites dedicated to any illegal sites, any sites dedicated to criminals or any site dedicated to porno.

Thanks to Bhau, the address and phone numbers are shared free of blood banks and phone numbers are shared free of any helplines in any country.

Just names are shared free of any of the following and they are shared in countrywise (in case of India, they are shared State / UT / districtwise)
1) Famous people
2) Famous people in State / UT / District of India
3) Corporate
4) NGO

Because of cofounder's real life example, we realised again that key for sustainability are
1) Doctors

2) Hospitals
So we are sharing their names free

We respect people and are sharing the names of following free countrywise
1) Historical locations
2) Religious locations

We know, every human being and every living being or every non living thing like aircraft, cars, buses need water, so we are sharing the names of following free
1) Rivers (shared countrywise & in India, they are shared districtwise)

We want to help every human being who wants to go to following training institutes and hence are sharing there names countrywise free.
Social work institutes
2) MBA institutes
3) Medical Institutes
4) Legal institutes