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We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.
Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) results in indirectly cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid. The cost of bank transfer is less than cost of post / courier.

If you want to send membership form & fees by post / courier, send it to :
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Our service charges
Our service charges are absolutely minimal.
These charges help our own sustainability, support to 5 locations we support plus our global research.
Just send email to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com so that we can get back to you either through email or if you provide phone number we can have a telecon or enter into facetime call to share what we can do for you and related costs.

1) Sponsor corporates in India
We plan to share names of 5000 corporates by 28.3.2019 in English alphabetical order.
And on top of these 50 corporate pages (we share only 100 corporates per page), there will be a banner of the sponsor and that banner can be linked to that stakeholder's portal or website (stakeholder can be a corporate / NGO / funding agency / philanthropist / media / ad agency / PR agency / research company / experientical tourism company ...). The only condition we have is that no CSR agency (agency which handles CSR of outside clients - and this does not mean ad or PR agencies which promote community initiatives of the company to people at large because we allow their banners- or no CSR portal , or no banner of any political party, naxalite group, porno sites will be allowed.

We are not sharing the name of the person who handles CSR because of privacy as well as professionals may change their work profit or company or they may join NGO, government, funding agency, media ... from a company. And what is important to visitors the philanthropy focus with or without the person they know.

2) Sponsor corporates in India industrywise
We plan to share the above 5000 corporates industrywise.
Out of these 5000 corporates, we will share 1500 corporates with their name and philanthropic issues they support (only names of philanthropic issues and not detailed information) and for each industry, we will have a sponsor which is corporate in that industry and these corporates will share their overall &CSR Vision, Mission, Purpose (CSR Top), ethics, transperency, governance...(CSR roots), CSR philanthropy, CSR in its business processes, People & planet polity, its GRI, Global compact, Integrated reporting stance and several other branches & leaves of the Sustainability & Reputation tree, which not only other companies in their industry and infact from all industries across the world can see, but media, NGOs, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities across the world can see and if it liked by aby online or newspapers / magazines as well as social media, they have permission to share it at no cost and no permission from CSRidentity.com, which means that corporate can take 20 pages and on top of each page plus the industry page, will be a banner which they will give ot to us or we can design and the banner can be linked to their website or portal.

3) Sponsor corporate forum which means 10000 corporates in about 100 countries other than India
The corporate forum shares names of 10000 corporates from 100 plus countries.
(We may share just names of 20000 corporates from 150 plus countries if our research is supported)
From now to 31.3.2019, we will share names & philanthropy focus of 5000 corporates from 100 plus countries.
We will download the annual reports of many corporates in different countries but we are not sure whether we can download all english language annual reports and therefore we may take philanthropy focus from the related corporate portals or through business associations in many countries.

These 10000 corporates will have
Fortune 500 companies (from 2010 onwards. Please note there are some companies which were in Fortune 500 in year 2010 but have slipped their number and at the same time other companies have emerged as Fortune 500 companies in 2016 which were not named in year 2010)
Forbes 2000 companies
Leading companies in 100 countries which are not Fortune 500 or Forbes 2000 companies, but are leading corporates in specific countries.

There are many Multi National Corporates like Unilever and therefore one may see the same name in many countries where a corporate has an office (We will not share country's where a corporate is not physically present e.g. Our own corporate, Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting has office only in India. The company will have content partners in many countries and has online presence in all the countries, space, oceans with only conditiron that there must be presence of internet. So we can share Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting only in India).

4) Identifying NGOs for partnership
Our service team helps corporates in identifying partner NGOs in India as well as in 75 other countries.

5) Image enhancement services
We help corporates share their name with link to their website either countrywise or globally (Globally means we share their names with due links on the homepage of CSRidentity.com)

6) Philanthropy of the corporates in the same industry in about 50 countries
Our reserach team can help corporates by identifying philanthropy of corporates in the same industry in about 50 countries.