Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries
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CSR consulting
Physical meetings in India and Online meeting outside India
Even if the sponsor pays for the travel outsie India & stay there, the consultants may not have time to physically visit

Programme implementation
Anywhere in India
Anywhere in 50 plus countries from 01.04.2020

Benefits to sponsorship
It can be sponsorship or it can be banner advertising done by corp com / ad team of a company or NGO or FA
The benefit to the sponsor or advertiser is not just global visibility but helping us in our global research on issues in various countries and people & organisations helping the country or helping the government within the country to take care of issue challenges.

Note : No sponsorship accepted for any amount and from any country or district in India from : Activists, criminals, porno sites, military, naxalites , politicians or political party, terrorism, anti government portals, websites only for Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability or NGO portals or the websites whose more than 50% role is promote Corporate social responsibility, NGOs or raise funds for NGOs...

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Already sponsored
258 countries, SARs, islands, territories, India (States/NCT/UT/Districts) are sponsored for Bhau

All 258 countries, SARs, Islands, Territories and 29 States / 1 NCT / 6 UTs / 727 Districts in India are sponsored by founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat from now to 31.3.2021 in memory of Bhau, who was the first person on earth to save founder from the almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013 (Of course we must admit that there were many individuals & organisations which helped our founder, his family and CSRidentity.com immediatetly)

Founder was keen that he should not take any salary in his life because he thinks this is his second birth (Not in medical terms) and Bhau postponed his death because he has not finished his responsibility towards mother earth. But CA said even the Insurance cant be paid by company (It has to be paid by founder) plus Rohan's responsibility (Actually now Rohan is his teacher of Integration) & Aum's expenses of present medical science & future studies ...

You can sponsor
Any stakeholder forum shared on the left plus many other India specific fora
2) Any social / health issue

We cover all the social, health issues in the respective countries because depending on geographical location plus nature and government, the issues may take different proportions and each country may have different government schemes for issues ..
India is very large and we share social & health issues in respective forum (Climate change is sponsered by founder because we think there is and will never be competition to climate change and yes, it will great to see one competing with others to address the climate change issue, so scale, ideas can have competition which is positive).
ocial & health issue fora are specific to India.
Climate change will be a global forum.
3) Countrywise links forum (about 180 fora)
All of the 180 individual fora share countrywise links to Social & Health issues and stakeholders across the world. This is above the world map which has links to that particular category say Corporates.
4) Brand forum
5) Identity forum
6) Country location forum
7) District location forum ...

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Advertising, sponsorship guidelines
Corporates can sponsor any forum except corporates because we think that corporates and brands will not like to be seen when half page ad of sponsor corporate gets immediate attention. Same with NGOs, Media, ad / PR agencies, colleges, clubs, celebrities of all types, religious locations .... Also we respect political parties but politicians and political parties can not advertise. We dont accept ads from naxalites, activists, CSR or NGO agencies, volunteering / donation agencies, sites related to erotic or porno issues ...

You can take a banner of 1004 px width and 104 px height on any folder which shows a world image and this world image shares links to the relevant pages of most of the countries (and if the countries are small, then the top of the page has a dropdown which shares relevant links to related pages of 193 UN member country, 2 SARs, 63 Islands & territories).

The entire amount will be a donation to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust, which has 80 G as well as FCRA. The amount will be used for our research, promotion, development programmes of Brand Thane. The donation varies according to the type e.g. the donation of countrywisecorporates page will be Rs 100000/- or USD 1600/- and donation to countrywiserivers page will be Rs 30000/- or USD 550/- If one wants to donate more, then they can pay the relevant fees and extra amount should be a separate donation because we are clear of the donation for countrywise ... pages.
Period of the banner : From now to 31.3.2021.

Sponsorship rate
We may decide not to announce the sponsorship rate because
we are a social enterprise and more than money, we are concerned with helping people & nature, information gathering and sharing the information worldwide so that good things can be replicated or scaled up and of course this needs (and this means) promotion.
Sponsorship should take care of our basic sustainability, promotion costs and leave money for our future because some funding loss should not stop our global promotion of programmes.
If the potential sponsor quote is above our cost, we will say that dont give us all ..... we need only ... balance amount should be given to community, nature, BPL citizens.

Special for corporates
These are part of the corporate folder
Balance score card, Better cotton initiative, Billion dollar roundtable, CEO water mandate, Cleantech Index, Dow Jones Sus Index, ETI, EICC Code of conduct, Eco labelling, Equator principles, ftse 4 good, Forests Stewardship Council, Global bus coalition on HIV, Global Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, Global Sullivan principles, ISO (many subissues) , KLD Social Index , London Benchmarking , Nasdaq Omx crd , Globalsust 50 Index , Oekotex 100,
Ohsas 18001, Principles for Resposible Investment , SA 8000 , Transparency benchmark , Triple bottom line , UN con against corruption , UNEP Finance Initiative , UN Universal declaration on human rights , Wilder Hill Clean Energy , Wolfsberg standards

Celebrity types
Academic celebrities, Activist celebrities, Administration celebrities, Adventure celebrities , Art celebrities,
Architect celebrities, Author celebrities , Blogger celebrities, Business celebrities , Comedy celebrities,
Common Greats celebrities, Dance celebrities, Developmental celebrities, Drama celebrities, Economy celebrities
Engineer celebrities , Environment celebrities , Fashion celebrities , Film names , Film celebrities
Film producers/directors , Film writers , Fine arts celebrities , Food celebrities , Health celebrities ,
History celebrities , Journalism celebrities , Law celebrities , Literature celebrities , Media celebrities ,
Music celebrities , Peace celebrities , Philosopher celebrities , Photography celebrities , Poet celebrities
Police celebrities , Political celebrities , Religion celebrities , Royalty celebrities , Science celebrities
Singing celebrities , Spiritual celebrities , Sports celebrities , Television celebrities

Please pay fees by bank transfer
We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

State Bank of India
Gokhale Road
Naupada, Thane (West) branch.

C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

In technological terms, our email machine will not accept any images, pdfs, presentations, word files. All such mails will go to Junk mails and may not be seen.

We do not lift any mobile phones from individuals or organisations because of several things like :
1) Our mobiles get lot of unnecessary calls from sales offices
2) We may be in meetings
3) We may be in offices where mobiles are either jammed or are with security or are not allowed.
4) We may be thinking or strategising and do not want any disturbances.

Yes, we will accept
1) What we will accept is a 5 line email which shares links to your website.

If you do not have any website, just share in 3 lines what you want and we will reply you within 1 to 5 working days. We do not have any holiday but may go outstation for meetings or in areas where there is no internet. And we may be busy with some issues. So 1 to 5 days. Normally, each email will be answered within 2 days.
2) SMS or Whatsapp on
0 9820073599
0 9769373599

Our contact email is