Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries
Services to NGOs

For NGOs and products
1) Employee volunteering in India
Employee volunteering in 50 countries (From August 2019)
Become the NGO which partners with us in this initiative. The NGO will benefit because the corporate volunteers willgo to this NGO and once they see the NGO, its programmes, they can be either volunteer directly or help their friends in this volunteering, can be
retail donors or can ask their company to financially help the NGO programmes.

2) Identification of corporate or funding agency which supports the issue in which the NGO runs a programme (In and outside India).

3) Documentation of programmes within and outside India.

Funding proposals
We are starting a separate funding proposals folder from 15.4.2019 titled Fundingproposals where NGOs which need funding can share their name with link to their official website where they share funding proposals. If the NGO has no official website, then we will share the name of the NGO and related contact phone number, so that funders can contact them directlty. (No emails because we know emails are abused manytimes)

Make India a leading country in GBI SHCI (Global Bank of Information of Social, health, climate issues)
NGOs can sponsor or advertise in any of the several India dedicated folders like Governments, MPs, Collectors, Police (which will share police HQs districtwise), Courts (which will share courts districtwise), Advertising agencies, PR agencies, Consultants, Researchers, Celebrities, Religious locations, historical locations, Tourism locations, experiential tourism ....

Lets come together and make 4 global development cases
We have dedicated folders for each district of India, where corporates can take a banner of 590 px width x 890 px height. NGOs or infact anyone from any country can donate Rs 3650/- (Rs 10 per day) to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust and 100% of the donation to this donation will go towards any of the given 4 projects the sponsor decides. This is an NGO which we formed in 2009 and has FCRA. The only condition is we have to pay bank charges for any funds coming out of India. So we will change the money to USD 62 instead of Rs 3650/- and again lets be clear that 100% of this donation from countries outside India will be given to the location or NGO that you select and this 100% means foreign money that we receive less Bank charges we have to pay.

Just send email to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com

For their own branding
) Promotion within any specific country
Promotion within districts of India
Promotion across the world
Promotion within the corporate folder where we have corporates in all countries

2) Banner of the NGO in the corporate or NGO or Media folder where we have a provision that every country will have a different banner of 590 px width x 800 px height. In case of India, the same banner will be shared in minimum 26 pages. (But because we can share only 250 corporates or NGOs per page and we plan to share 100 000 NGOs in 2019-2020, we may have 400 plus pages. We even may decide to have only 150 corporates per page, there by increasing the number of pages).
(This banner is shared on the right side of the relevant country page (e.g. Banner on the right side of Corporates in China, Japan ...)

3) Within the NGO folder, we plan to share world's 5000 NGOs which are well known and funded by corporates or corporate foundations or funding agencies or UN system or country government. These 5000 NGOs will be shared alphabetically and after the name of the company in bracket we will share the country where it has head quarters. So any NGO which sponsor's this research will have a banner on the 150 pages where we share these NGOs in the world. These NGOs will also come in the country page of the NGO folder but on that page, we will just share the name with due link to the officical website.

4) Sponsorship of any social issue in India where we have a provision that any NGO which has programmes on that issue in any particular district can share their name and link to the official page which shares detailed programme information. Plus we have pages for corporates and funding agencies in India which have programmes on that particular issue.

5) Sponsorship of any health issue in India where we have a provision that we can share names of doctors and hospitals which cater to patients of that particular issue. If the hospital has official website, then we can share a link to their name, else we can share 2 line address or just the contact number.
We can provide links to the official website of the doctor but in India, most of the doctors are on other sites (not their website), and we can not provide link to it.

6) Sponsorship of any Climate change issue in India where we have a provision to share names with due links to the climate change initiatives of corporates in India plus names of NGOs which work on the climate change issue.

7) We are starting separate corporate products section, where we share the name of the product with link to it's official site with the idea that let consumer's , customer's be judge whether the company which manufactures or sells the product is taking care of climate. We plan to share one page for each product types e.g. one page for soaps where soaps anywhere in the world will be mentioned with link to their official site and on the right side any corporate which manufacture's or sale's that product can take a banner with link to the product page or link to the company index page.

8) We are starting separate NGO products section where NGOs can share their name and address plus names of products which they sale. To start with, we are making this provision in India and we will have pages for all districts. So the NGO address must be that district address. On the right side of each district, there will be a different banner for each district and product or corporate can take this banner.




Please pay fees by bank transfer
We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

State Bank of India
Gokhale Road
Naupada, Thane (West) branch.

C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

We have not mentioned our fees for consulting, employee volunteering or banners because they vary. Most important thing is these fees are nominal per year because our idea is that corporates should invest more money on actual social, health, climate issues as well as help NGOs by promoting the issue forum. Yes, each corporate & product must enhance its already known brand.