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Please pay fees by bank transfer
We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

State Bank of India
Gokhale Road
Naupada, Thane (West) branch.

C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.

Reach out to stakeholders

Central governments (in case of India, the State / UT governments), Corporates, NGOs, Funding agencies, Celebrities, Rotary clubs ........... are engaged in a lot of social work or philanthropy and CSRidentity.com thinks that it should be known to millions. And this is not a 10 second ad on TV which apprears and within 10 seconds it goes. We want them to share this in the form of a campaign which is linked to their portal or website.

CSRidentity.com feels that good things must be replicated or scaledup or if there are thinkgs which needs modifications, then it must be done.

In case of India, Awards, CSR conferences/ seminars/ training programmes may or may not be shared in rach out services because we may do them directly.
Yes, CSRidentity.com is not a channel which shares or promotes every product / service. So, reachout for marketing of products / services is available only for products which has direct medical hel or help disabled, senior citizens, children, women.
By sending email and not printed literature, you are saving lot of money and the costs are negligible and indirectly it saves trees.

Only eMail reachout
We send emails to corporates or funding agencies or NGOs or media.

For costs, just send a mail to Sanjay

Only 1 email with clear audience and anywhere in the world.

Why costs ?
The costs are for 3 clear things.
1) It helps you to reachout to any stakeholder category in your country.
2) It helps you to reachout to any stakeholder category at global level.
3 ) To take care of our own sustainability.

Please note
Please note that the emails will first be seen by the editorial team and cant be only commercial. In the emails, its okay to share your address and email.