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80,694,485 (July 2013 est.)
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Blood donation (You can visit Blood donation index page to see current news, research ...)

Thanks to Bhau, we will promote blood donation aggressively.
If you know blood banks in your area, send their address & phone number to Datacentre so that we can share it free for all.
There are no costs to you because we are integrators of information and source and interested people or organisations will directly contact the blood bank for details.

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See the location and aprox size of this country at the end. This country looks smaller in the world map and much smaller in the Universe. You are just 1 citizen of this world. But you and this country have far greater social, health, climate responsibility. For details, contact Datacentre.
The world map shared below gives you an idea as to where is this country in this large world.
The world map is just an image and not 100% right in dimension.