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Your identity in the social sector is important
The identity of World Bank is important because the government, political parties in that country, NGOs, corporates watch how World Bank is. They want to know whether it is like a Multinational Bank or it has different purpose of development of the world....

What is CSR ?
To call CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility is like call two eyes as a complete human being.
Yes, there are eye specialists who only focus on eyes, so there are CSR consultancies who focus on Corporates.
But we have a holistic approach of what CSR stands for.
CSR is Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation. So ideally each individual, organisation, nation should look at CSR. As internet driven social media, we can make the change faster, but we know it takes time to change thoughts & opinion.
IDENTITY means what you are. Identity of each individual, organisation, country is different.

> 1 bn below poverty
We thought as an organisation helping one BPL is too small. In India, each Member of Parliament adopts one village. We thought why cant corporates do the same. Large corporates can take several villages at the same time.

We thought we should set an example and have started helping (not adopting but helping) Kokanipada in Thane as global example. And this is through our NGO, Developed Nation Netork Trust.


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