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You can be from any country, our services are 24 hours and all 365 days of the year. wants basic laws related to property, individual decisions, law related to climate change, vehicle driving, self earned money to be same across the world. And law must partner with human rights agencies related to many issues. Lawyers have a great role because they know the law of their country.

We will not share any videos related to religion, politics, naxalism, terrorism because while respects the views of every citizen in the world, we can not share our opinion (which may be seen as biased by some) and the law can be different in different countries, since this is a global site, we can not share these videos. But there may be specialised sites which handle these.
We will also not share any information like voting, criminal or naxalism or terrorism issues



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e integrate the social & health work being done by millions of corporates, NGOs, thousands of FAs, media & hundreds of governments, ministries .... Its free.

We will see if we can share facebook, whatsapp pages of CSR people, NGO founders and other people. Of course, if we plan this, it will be free.
We are only looking at the legal angle of views of privacy of individuals

So just share
The social and health issues which you are addressing with programmes.
Share your name with original website and the districts in which you work in India or the countries where you work, so that we can share it free with related district or country pages in related social or health issue.

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