The Small Business Association (SBA)
The Small Business Association (SBA) is the island's, non-profit representative body for micro, small and medium enterprises. The organisation was registered as company no. 3508, and incorporated on March 31, 1982. The company was re-established in 1993 following a dormant period during the mid-1980s, and officially opened its Secretariat in December 1995. The SBA seeks to expand business opportunities for its members, provide education & development services and lobby to ensure an enabling environment for the growth and sustainability of the SME sector. The SBA also explores business financing possibilities for its members. The Board of Directors is headed by the president, Dalton Medford.
The guiding principle of the SBA lies in its core philosophy, which holds that working together provides the best opportunities for businesses to grow. The organisation seeks to establish honest, committed relationships in a spirit of aggressive endeavour and mutual support, pooling its resources - skills, time, and finances - to create a more powerful financial future for the SME sector. Over the years, this intrinsic philosophy has seen the SBA reap immeasurable success in its efforts to lobby Government for the creation of an environment in which the SME sector could continue to grow and develop. One of the major outcomes of these efforts has been the provision of micro-business financing and increased access to equity funding for micro, small and medium enterprises.
In order to facilitate the implementation of its broad mandate, while contributing to its own sustainability a wholly owned subsidiary company has been incorporated by the SBA.
The Small Business Venture Capital Inc. (SBVCI) was incorporated in 1997 and is registered as company #11740 under the laws of Barbados. The company was capitalized using US $1 million dollars donated to the SBA by the Government of Barbados. The SBVCI makes equity finance available to qualifying businesses.

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Barbados International Business AssociationThe Barbados
International Business Association (BIBA) is a private sector organization comprising companies engaged in international business in Barbados and companies which are otherwise strategically associated with this sector.

The BIBA has its origins in an organisation known as the Barbados Association of International Business Companies and Offshore Banks (BAIBCOB) which was formed in 1993 and incorporated in February 1997 under the Companies Act (Cap 308) of Barbados. In November 1997 as a result of a decision to accept a broader range of membership, the name of the organisation was officially changed to the Barbados International Business Association and from there on, the association's membership included the members of the former Canada Barbados Business Association (CBBA) and the Barbados International Insurance Association (BIIA), along with the former BAIBCOB members.

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