The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago AG (CCS)
The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago AG (CCS) is a Trade Association nonprofit, founded in 1919, bringing together over 2,000 member companies: large, small and medium, representing the most relevant economic sectors.

The CCS has an important union work, representing the concerns of their bases to the Authority, actively participating in legislative issues that considers the interests of its members and businesses nationwide.

The work of the CCS has been designed to support business development in the country, which has a range of products and services geared primarily to provide its associated businesses in general-and the right tools to improve management .

In this area, we have defined five major areas:

Information Services
Application of Information Technology
International Business Promotion
Human Resources Training
Commercial Dispute Settlement
The Santiago Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the publication and distribution of Commercial Information Bulletin.

Through the National Electronic Network of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago is electronically linked to 22 chambers of commerce, resulting in 29 offices throughout Chile. Based on a modern technology platform, this electronic network offers businesses and regional companies, products and services from CCS and -at the same time- provides corresponding to the regions business information.

The relationship between CCS and Regional Chambers of Commerce allows members of the institutions and the general public, share information and business opportunities. This means that the members of the CCS have access at national level, specific information on markets, possible suppliers, distributors and representatives, etc.

The CCS is associated with the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC)

Internationally, the CCS has an important Network Agreements with Chambers of Commerce and related institutions on five continents.

The CCS has a modern business center, located in Building Trade, which is an important meeting place for the business community. There a number of seminars, workshops, business conferences and business meetings at national and international level is performed.

The CCS is the operator of the National Register of Providers of -Chileproveedores- State that complements Chilecompras. Aware that most of its members are small and medium enterprises sizes, the CCS pays special attention to the problems and needs of SMEs.

Nuns # 392,
Santiago, Chile
Tel:- +56 2 2360 7000

British Chilean Chamber of Commerce
25th June 1917 17 representatives of British Commercial interests in Valparaiso, Chile, met and signed a document proposing the formation of the British Chamber of Commerce in Chile.

3rd July 1917 A second meeting of 19 representatives of British Commercial interests met to further the creation of the Chamber.
27th August 1917 The first Executive Committee meeting was held in the offices of Gibbs & Co. who remain members of the Chamber.A foundation fund was set-up by Mr. J. L. Davis who suggested each business put in £100, which allowed the organisation to raise a total of £1,500.The British colony wanted to found the Chamber of Commerce and the offices of the General Consulate together, but it was necessary for some time to pass before such a project could generate success. The placing of the Chamber of Commerce offices together with the British Embassy finally came about in March 2004, some 87 years later.

14th September 1917 The second Executive Committee meeting was held in the offices of Williamson & Balfour who are still members today.
30th October 1917 In this meeting Pacific Steam Navigation Co (now Hamburg Sud) became a new member of the British Chamber of Commerce, and remains a member of the Chamber today.
15th October 1918 The British Chilean Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of Chile became part of the UK under the British Companies Acts 1908-1917.

British Chilean Chamber of Commerce
Address: Av. El Bosque Norte 0125, Las Condes, Santiago.
Telephone: (+56 2) 2370 4175
Fax: (+56 2) 2370 4164