American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt

Efforts to establish an American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt date back to the 1950s, when Hassan El Abd initiated the idea. But political changes within Egypt kept the idea dormant until 1974, when President Anwar El Sadat initiated the "Open Door" policy.
A by-product of the policy was the formation of the Egypt-U.S. Joint Business Council. Twice yearly, this group of top-level Egyptian and American business executives met to discuss Egyptian business issues. The first resolution of the Council in 1974 called for the creation of an American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

Finally, after seven years of intermittent efforts to found the Chamber, some substantive progress was made in 1981 under the organization of George DeBakey of Rockwell International. He recruited prominent Egyptian and American business leaders who shared his commitment to a chamber. In October 1983, the first board meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt was convened.

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Cairo Chamber of Commerce

Cairo Chamber of Commerce was the first Egyptian Chamber established in Cairo by Abdelkhalek Madkour Pasha in the name of the "Cairo Trade Secret " in1913, and had included Some traders and its chairman was named, "Shahbandar of Traders".
Shahbandar is a word with Turkish roots, and it means chairman. In 1941 the first world war broke out
and hindered its formation.

In 1919 group of Capital traders headed by Abdul Qader AlGamal pasha decided to establish an Egyptian commercial chamber in Cairo and they elected him as chairman and King Fouad bestowed the title "shahbander of Cairo traders" upon him .The Chamber Participation fees had first been optional until 1930, then the Ministry of Finance decided to pay a yearly contribution amounted
2000 Egyptian pounds.

In 1951 the chambers of commerce law no. 189 was issued during the period of King Farouk and was amended to Law No.6 for the year 2002 ( the current law).

Every trader-individual or corporate- pay participation fees, which amounted 2 per thousand from the Company's Capital to the Chamber , where located his main activity, main branch, or his subsidiary company, and also the registration fees should be more than 24 Egyptian pounds and less than 2000. Egyptian pounds. In addition, the trader should fulfill their Late payment penalties, which are assessed at the rate of 25% of Chamber's participation fees . The Chamber of Commerce is not a Syndicate for traders, but are organizations with legal personality that includes all of those, who engaged in the field of commercial activity, whether public, private, cooperative, or industrial sector, and the Chambers' jurisdictions represent the commercial interests in front of public authorities . The Chamber is considered one of public organizations and was established according to a decision by the Minister of Trade. This decision identifies its headquarter, its jurisdiction and the number of its members.

The Cairo Chamber of Commerce includes a large number of traders representing about 60% of those, who engaged in trade activities in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The chambers of commerce numbers in the Arab Republic of Egypt 26 chambers so that each governorate has an independent chamber. They are gathered by the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce that must be located in Cairo Governorate.

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