Association of Women in Business

WiB is the product of two dynamic and magnificent women, Nahu Senay Girma and Roman Kifle. For Nahu, to create a women’s networking group had been her intention for the six years of the eight since her return to Ethiopia from the US. In her consulting endeavors and discussions with women led businesses, she noted that there was gap that needed to be filled. The filling was to be bold, innovative, norm-defying and risk-taking in its approach.

Nahu Senay Girma (Left) and Roman Kifle (Right)

This opportunity to ignite the AWiB fire began in early 2010 when Nahu gathered about thirty professional women to support an international NGO working on confidence building among female youth, by launching a mentorship arrangement. While the mentorship arrangement did not catch wild fire, the prospect of the thirty-women gathering transforming into something much larger and ambitious, sparked uncontrollable flame of interest amongst the women present. Roman Kifle was one of them.

On April 8, 2010, these women came together for the first meeting of what would be the birth of AWiB, at Panorama Hotel. Roman and Nahu initially named this fire Ethiopian Women in Business (EWiB). For Roman, the name carried with it an element of celebrating the inherent beauty of the women – Ethiopia’s “Woub”.

With growth however, comes structuring and formalizing. Towards this end, EWiB was officially registered as an association adopting the name Association of Women in Business (AWiB) rather than EWiB as from the legal perspective, using the name Ethiopia required a presence in more than five regions.

Addis Ababa 27893
CODE 1000
Phone: +251116631016
Mobile: +251911203772

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations

Established in 2002, the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations Arbitration Institute (AACCSA Al), is a pioneer and the first of its kind in the country. It was setup with the aim of realizing and providing Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms legally mandated to the Chamber since 1947. AACCSA Al provides its customers the following services;

Facilitating the settlement of commercial disputes in accurate accord with the arbitration rules of the chamber;
Organize and offer workshops, seminars and training services on arbitration and ADR mechanisms;
Providing adjudication services for construction disputes;
Providing mediation/conciliation services;
Providing advisory services concerning commercial arbitration and other ADR mechanisms in Ethiopia;
Providing the Arbitration institute good offices to ad hoc arbitration services at a reasonable cost;
Conducting studies on arbitration and ADR procedures;
Serving as an appointing authority when so designated in commercial contracts;
Contract drafting and reviewing services;
AACCSA Al is well equipped with all necessary office facilities and has suitable environment for arbitral proceedings and other ADR settlement mechanisms, such as hearing, recording & transcription services, along with excellent case management and secretarial services. Come and visit us before and after you proceed to the courts at the Chamber of Commerce building infront of Mexico Square second floor room number 219. We are ready to provide you with prompt resolution of any of your business disputes.

P.O.Box. 2458
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251-115 518 055
Fax : +251-115 511 479

Ethiopian Women Exporters’ Association

EWEA recognizes the need for workshops and specific trainings for its member companies in order to strengthening their compatibility on both local and global markets. For individual start-up women entrepreneurs it might be a challenge to participate in professional training sessions. Through the association it becomes affordable for all members to attend high quality training sessions and workshops in the filed of leadership trainings, Women Entrepreneurship trainings, Strategic Management Workshops as well as ICT - Information and Communication Trainings. All of them are provided in partnership by the association and its supporters such as the Embassy of Finland and the Federal Ministry of Communication and Technology.

Ethiopian Women Exporters' Association
EWEA Kirkos Market Center
Block B 327 Kirkos, Addis Ababa
Telephone: +251-467 17 81
Fax: +251-467 17 81

Hadia Mohammed Gondji (President)
+251-911 20 12 30
Workaferahu Kidane (Program officer)
+251-911 69 95 04