Fiji New Zealand Business Council

The Fiji New Zealand Business Council was set up in 1987 to maintain, support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic cooperation and tourism between Fiji and New Zealand.

The Council, through its Secretariat, provides a network and forums for its members to meet and discuss common or specific issues to do with their business enterprises in Fiji and generally exports to New Zealand, in a convivial and friendly atmosphere.

As well as, receiving any existing or potential New Zealand investors or members from our counterpart, the New Zealand Fiji Business Council, and generally supporting any such business endeavours in Fiji, whether in tourism, importing goods and services, or otherwise.

Lastly, the Council is a key lobbyist, on trade related issues, to the Fiji and New Zealand Governments, indirectly through our foundation members Investment Fiji and the New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Fiji.

The Council members consist of established manufacturers, exporters, service providers, bankers and business professionals. New Zealand is one of Fiji’s traditional trading partners, with both countries exporting to, and importing from each other. Fiji remains keen to increase its export capacity to New Zealand and substitute agricultural imports from New Zealand with local grown and supplied items.

The overall aim of the Fiji New Zealand Business Council, therefore, is to improve the performance of Fiji’s private sector, and principally to identify and improve exports to New Zealand in terms of quantity, quality and value.

The Secretariat
Fiji New Zealand Business Council
P.O Box 11938
Fiji Islands
Mobile: +679 927 3382

Suva Chamber of Commerce & Industry


I. To promote and protect commerce and industry throughout the district of Suva in particular and in Fiji generally;
II. To promote and to protect the mutual interest of all its members or groups of members on matters that affects commerce and industry.
III. To promote, encourage and provide for joint consultation between members or groups of members on matters of mutual interest or difficulty;
IV. To act as a consultative and an advisory body on all body on all matters relating to commerce and industry;
V. To promote amicable and cordial relations between one group of members and another group of members and between employers and employees;
VI. To assist and advise upon request of any member and as appropriate in any matter connected with industrial relations between that member and his employees in respect of terms and conditions of employment or service;
VII. To assist and advise upon request of any member and as appropriate in respect of collective bargaining, conciliation, arbitration, commissions, boards of inquiry or wages councils, etc. established under any commercial or industrial legislation or ;having a commercial or industrial purpose;
VIII. To collect from members or other sources such statistical or other data and information as may be deemed to be necessary or desirable or have relevance to commerce and industry;
IX. The redress and removal of grievances in connection with commerce and industry;
X. The settlement by arbitration of disputes or differences which may arise upon commercial and industrial questions;
XI. To develop the general public interest in commerce and industry and its promotion through free enterprise and the development of entreprenual skills by disseminating information on all matters pertaining to the chamber’s activities, and by publishing or circulating such notices, newsletters, papers, circulars and publications as may be deemed necessary for this purpose;
XII. To keep members informed and to monitor over on the operation of existing laws and practices, the activities of Government and Government Committees at both local and central level including statutory bodies and all commercial and industrial matters and to take such actions as may be necessary or expedient with regard thereto;
XIII. To co-operate with any organisation of commerce and industry, local international or otherwise whose main objects are similar to those of this chamber or become a member or associate thereof;
XIV. To acquire property by way of purchase, take on lease, or license or hire or otherwise acquire movable or immovable property of any kind in furtherance of the objects of the Chamber and to sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of any movable or immovable property on such terms as may be considered expedient;
XV. To construct buildings maintain and alter any houses, buildings, or works necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Chamber;
XVI. To procure contributions by taking such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings, or otherwise as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the Chamber, in the shape of donations, annual subscriptions, or any other means deemed necessary;
XVII. To print and publish any news papers; periodicals; books or leaflets that the Chamber may think desirable for the promotion of its objects;
XVIII. To borrow and raise funds in such manner as the Chamber may think fit;
XIX. To invest any funds of the Chamber in such manner as may from time to time be determined;
XX. To assist charities by subscribing to any local or other charities, and to grant donations for any public purpose;
XXI. To establish and support, and to aid in the establishment and support of any other Chamber’s formed for all or any of the objects of the Chamber;
XXII. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Chamber or any one of them AND every sub-clause in this object clause shall be construed as a substantial clause and not limited and restricted by reference to or inference from any other sub-clause or by the name of this Chamber and none of such sub-clause or object or the objects therein specified or powers thereby construed shall be deemed subsidiary or ancillary to the objects or owners mentioned in any other sub-clause, but the Chamber shall have full power to exercise all or any of the powers and to achieve or endeavor to achieve all or any of the objects conferred by and provided in any one or more of the said sub-clause.

PHONE CONTACT : (679) 3314044
FAX : (679) 3302188

Fiji/USA Business Council

Fiji/USA Business Council(formerly AmCham Fiji) formed in March 2007 and is the only international chamber in Fiji with links to the US Whitehouse through the US Chamber of Commerce. Our Mission is to pomote trade, goodwill and understanding between business communities of Fiji and the United States of America through the following objectives.

Promote tourism, technical and economic co-operation between Fiji and the United States of America
Encourage industrial and commercial relations between individuals, firms, companies, corporations, institutions and associations of Fiji and the United States of America
Initiate research studies on any matters affecting trade and investment
Foster consultation between business enterprises in Fiji and the United States of America
Encourage and facilitate education, personnel exchange and training schemes at the private sector level between Fiji and the United States of America
Liaise with Governments of both Fiji and the United States of America in order to promote all the above objects and to ensure that the concerns, views and plans of the Fijian and American commercial sector are clearly conveyed

Fiji/USA Business Council
Level 4 FNPF Place
343 Victoria Parade
PO Box 12499
Suva, Fiji Islands
Phone: +679 3305510