British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC)

The British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC) was founded in London by Lord Cromwell and Mako Abashidze in March 2007. It is a non-political trade body to facilitate business growth and contacts at senior levels between Georgia and the UK. Both the Georgian Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the British Ambassador to Georgia are honorary members of the organization's advisory council.

Lord Cromwell left his post in 2009 and since then he is as an honour member of Founder Advisory Board of Chamber.

The main objective of BGCC is to advise companies in Georgia and the UK on the business and financial markets each respective country, in order to establish contacts and facilitate business between each country.We hope to achieve this goal through gathering relevant information efficiently and accurately and by establishing and nurturing contacts.

BGCC is also dealing with professional education and we can organize trainings, seminars for groups and individuals in any sector according to the interest and specifics of development, tasks and nature of business activity. Leading experts are involved in the elaboration of these programs and the company ensures real opportunities for an exchange of international experience, establishment of business relations and cooperation between the representatives of foreign companies.

150, D. Agmashenebeli Ave, 0112
Tel: +995 599 465 364

Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia was established in 1960. It unites all regional chambers and aims at assisting Georgian business community. The Chamber is a subject of public law, and is functioning on the basis of the special law "On the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry". The Chamber is the independent, corporally organized non-governmental organization. The president and vice-presidents of the Chamber are elected by the general meeting of businessmen for 4 years term.

The principal object of the Chamber is presentation and protection of interests of business entities and individuals in Georgia and beyond its limits. The Chamber leads systematic negotiations with its members, elaborates common opinion of business society and submits it to the relevant organizations.

We are here to revive business, to promote its vitality, energy and development.
Development of the market economy, where intervention of the government is kept to a minimum, is of great importance for us.

Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
150, D. Agmashenebeli Ave
0112 Tbilisi
Tel: (995) 32 269 36 46; 555 38 39 40
Hot Line: (995) 32 269 47 47

Business Association of Georgia (BAG)

Business Association of Georgia (BAG) is an independent, non-government, apolitical and non-profit organization founded in October of 2009. Today, BAG is one of the largest unions of businesses in Georgia whose Members present large and midsize business organizations. The Association's main area of activity covers the issues representing its Members' common interests and being difficult to be solved by the companies with individual efforts. BAG Members present different sectors of businesses, such as: manufacturing, production, services, construction and construction materials, information and communication technology, telecommunication, banking and finance, insurance, transportation, oil importers and distributors, mining, consulting, agriculture, advertising, food and beverages, pharmacy, and other. Currently, our Members employ more than sixty thousand local people in Georgian market.

Kote Marjanishvili st. # 5
Tbilisi 0102
Tel: (995 32) 2202215
(995 32) 2202217
Fax: (995 32)2202215

German Business Association

The DWV was founded in 2007 and now has over 130 members from various sectors of the economy. The DWV is a registered charity and hence a non-profit legal entity.

The German Business Association (DWV) is the official AHK / IHK partner in Georgia, and with a branch office in Yerevan in 2013 in Armenia. The DWV is a membership organization of companies that are active in the German-Georgian and German-Armenian economic relations.

German Business Association
24 Rustaveli Avenue
0108 Tbilisi
Tel:- +995 32 220 5767 (Georgia)