Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The origin of Chambers
The concept of various businesses joining together in a mutual effort to increase commerce had its beginnings in Europe hundreds of years ago. Primarily as a defensive tactic, traders banded together for protection against common enemies and to establish policies to govern trade. This was eventually extended as a means to exert influence on governments and legislation.

The first organization of businesses was evidently in Marseilles, France, where the first use of the term, “Chamber of Commerce” has been documented. This fledgling group was established by the city council in 1599 – over four centuries ago.

The world’s oldest English-speaking chamber of commerce is that of New York City, which was established in 1768 and chartered by King George III in 1770. All of this goes to show that Chambers of Commerce are not a new development and play a significant role in the business arena.

Chamber characteristics
The Chamber of Commerce is an interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to increase local commerce and serve their communities more effectively than can be done individually.

Chambers have evolved from simply the protection and promotion of commerce to many of the things we have presented on this website. The primary function of protecting commerce remains the same, but it is interesting to follow the changes and adaptations of the Chamber functions through the years as chambers have adjusted to the changing needs of society. Today the role of Chambers of Commerce has expanded to address socioeconomic concerns and social needs, going far beyond its original intent several centuries ago.

Chambers work on the local level to bring the business community together to develop strong local networks, which can result in a business-to-business exchange. In the case of Grenada the Chamber works with government and other stakeholders to develop pro-business initiatives. This may include serving as a third party voice on important business legislation that impacts the business community. The Chamber represents the entire business community and works to enhance and advocate for a better business environment.
The prosperity of individual businesses depends on the development of the community. The success of individual businesses serves to increase the prosperity of the community and the resulting prosperity bounces back to the benefit of the local business owner.

The primary purpose of the Chamber is to promote trade and investment, an open market for goods and services and encourage the free flow of capital.

A chamber of commerce is not a governmental body or institution, and has no direct role in the writing and passage of laws and regulations that affect businesses. It may however, act as a lobby in an attempt to get laws passed that are favorable to businesses.

Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Building No. 11
P.O. Box 129
St. George's, Grenada
Phone: 473-440-2937 or 473-440-4485
Fax: 473-440-6627

Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1934 but chartered in 1941, the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce is a business association consisting of voluntary membership and a professional staff who invest their time and money in community development programs which allow citizens the opportunity to work together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of our area.

Guided by the Chambers strategic plan, developed by the board of directors, the Chamber serves the business community as a collective voice of commerce, provides programs and services to improve the economic environment for its members, and supplies leadership for improving the quality of life. The Chamber unifies the public spirit of our community and directs it into useful and constructive channels.

Phone: 662-226-2571 Ext. 16
P. O. Box 628
95 SW Frontage Rd.
Grenada, MS 38902
Phone: 662-226-2571
Toll Free: 800-373-2571
Fax: 662-226-9745

Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA)

The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization tasked with being the representative private sector voice of the island’s tourism sector. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors responsible for guiding the Association’s strategies and polices, while the secretariat is managed by an Executive Director responsible for the day to day duties of the Association.

The main role of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association is to support Grenada’s tourism infrastructure by way of partnerships with all tourism related entities. The Association promotes educational opportunities for industry workers; assist with the development of cultural activities, aid in marketing, and lobbies and advocates on behalf of its members on matters affecting the industry.

The GHTA started was first registered as the Grenada Hotel Association (GHA), a non-profit, private sector organization, dedicated to the development, increased profitability and professionalism of the hospitality industry’s private sector in Grenada, was founded in1961 by a small group of pioneers in the hotel industry.

In order to serve the needs of businesses directly involved within the tourism sector and those offering services to the sector, the Association in December of 1997, expanded its membership base and changed its name to the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association.

Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association
Ocean House Building,
Morne Rouge RD
St. George, Grenada
T: 1(473) 444-1353
F: 1(473) 444-1353