American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham)

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham) is a non-governmental, non-political and financially independent organization representing the interest of its close to 400 members from 23 different countries. Since its inception in 1989 AmCham Hungary has become the largest AmCham in Central and Eastern Europe with the continued mission “to be the most effective representative of the business community in Hungary, while promoting the global competitiveness of the country." We are guided by the American business values of competitiveness, transparency, free enterprise and open partnership with all stakeholders.

Internationally, AmCham Hungary draws strength from its membership in the AmChams in Europe (the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce) , which represents the corporate interests of more than 17.000 American and European companies, based in 41 countries and employing more than 20 million people. AmCham Hungary also works closely with other AmChams in the CEE region on advocacy issues, such as taxation or sustainability. AmCham is member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation.

The AmCham Code of Business Ethics is a cornerstone of what the Chamber stands for and strives to maintain. As such, it is a prerequisite for new members to adopt the Code of Ethics upon joining. As an organization dedicated to the development of international business within Hungary, AmCham considers one of its most significant goals to be the establishment of high standards of business conduct and principles of Good Corporate Citizenship.

H-1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 11.
Phone: +36 1 266 9880
Fax: +36 1 266 9888
Tax number: 19638074-2-41

British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

The HBCC in the United Kingdom is an independent non-governmental entity established in order to promote bilateral trade, commerce, industry, tourism, manufacturing, shipping, professional and all other business activities services and relations between the United Kingdom and Hungary.
The main aims of the Chamber are to provide a platform for exchange and networking opportunities for our members as well as to promote our members’ interests to key decision makers and to help develop economic and commercial relations between Hungary and the UK. We aim to invigorate these processes with varied and frequent events with leading British and Hungarian personalities from all walks of life. Our Business Service department provides both British and Hungarian companies with a large range of bespoke professional services through our strategic partnerships.

Eiffel Palace 6th floor |
Tel:- +36 1 302-5200 (BCCH) | +36 1 302-5201 (British Business Centre)

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

CCCH Mission Statement
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary promotes profitable and productive relations between Canada and Hungary, and provides value-added services and activities to members combining business interaction, government and community relations, and social networking, in the true Canadian spirit of fun and enthusiasm.

Chambers as Marketing Tools

Chambers of Commerce are interest organizations working with a clearly defined membership: business leaders and upper management often attend social and business events (sector specific).
Some of the events attract media attention as well
Marketing as common objectives: Delivering value to membership…
Marketing through the Chamber allows you to ENGAGE your target market – rather than just delivering marketing messages.

Cost Effective Marketing
Marketing is expensive – especially when using third party agents/contractors.
Conversely, a direct and active membership in a business organization that already reaches your target audience enhances the effectiveness of delivered messages.
Deliver messages to the membership through the chamber as a patron member!
Offer discount/special opportunities – pull marketing – to targeted companies through Chamber channels!
Elevate your corporate image and the perception of your products by being more visible in a more concentrated target environment.

Canadian Community Events

Business mixers, conferences, gala – and social events.
Attendees: CCCH membership + key decision makers from various business secotrs and membership from the other international chambers.
Providing valuable occasions to meet, engage, explore and entertain a wide scope of guests in our community.
Opportunity to introduce your company by being a corporate member – utilizing the communication channels of the Chamber for your own companies benefit.

Interest representation
Efficient governmental relations by cooperating with foreign chambers.
Assembling and analyzing interests from the membership of foreign chambers.
Cooperating with „Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara” (BKIK) to improve influence in governmental decision making.
Maintaining successful association with determinant press partners of business magazines (HVG, BBJ).

Business to Business
Networking Speed Business Meeting Events quarterly, co-produced with other foreign chambers (AMCHAM, BCCH, CCIFH).
Appear on the new CCCH website as a corporate member on selected events.
Look for opportunities to attend sector specific events and conferences.
Attract interest from a wide community of business with which the CCCH communicates with (7000 and growing).

1052 Budapest, Vármegye u. 3-5.
Ausztria Office Building
Telephone: (+36 1) 328-5074
Fax: (+36 1) 328-5086


The establishment of chambers of commerce and industry was provided by a Royal Patent of Franz Josef I Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King dated March 18, 1850. The first Hungarian Chamber Act promulgated in 1868 and remaining in force until 1934 imposed compulsory membership for all traders, craftsmen, and trading and industrial companies in Hungary.

After the Second World War, a government decree abolished the chambers of commerce and industry without legal successors. All their assets were transferred to the Treasury. In 1948, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, a body closely aligned to the State, was established. Renamed the Hungarian Chamber of Economy in 1985, it was charged with the task of reconciling and representing the interests of Hungarian economic operators, and it also had to perform the classical functions of a chamber.

From 1990 regional chambers could be established and, in 1991, six regional chambers began to operate as independent legal entities. Companies and entrepreneurs automatically became members of the regional chambers, while the Hungarian Chamber of Economy continued its activity as an “umbrella-organisation”, incorporating and co-ordinating the activities of regional chambers on national and international level.

Act XVI of 1994 on the Chambers of Economy provided for the re-introduction of the chambers as bodies of public law. The Act stated that the chambers were to be responsible for fostering the development and organisation of the economy, for encouraging business growth, guaranteeing fair market practices, and assisting the general and joint promotion of interests amongst those conducting business activities.

On the basis of the new Chamber Act adopted by Parliament in 1999, the Government abolished compulsory chamber membership as of November 2000. At the extraordinary chamber election taking place on October 30, 2000, Dr. László Parragh, the CEO of Parragh Rt. was elected President, a post he has been holding ever since.

In addition to its traditional tasks, SME promotion and fostering capital exports have also become focal objectives for the Chamber.

At international level, the Chamber's main objectives include assistance to Hungarian entrepreneurs in foreign markets and exploring new partnership opportunities, in particular with neighbouring countries. The Chamber’s membership to the Eurochamber and the ICC in 1990 opened new ways for an intensive lobbying activity.

TEL: 36-1-474-5141
FAX: 36-1-474-5105