Iceland Chamber of Commerce

The Iceland Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental organization based on voluntary participation by companies and individuals conducting business in Iceland. Everyone who engages in business, be it small or large in scale, are capable of becoming members of the Chamber. The Chamber is therefore a platform for these parties to participate in any type and form of work aimed at reforming and improving their business environment and enhancing prosperity.


Borgartun 35
105 Reykjavik
+354 510 7100

The American-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (AMÍS)...
Objective is to promote and maintain commercial links between America and Iceland, and further ties in the fields of Education, Culture,Business and Politics.

Is a network of companies, institutions and individuals as well as a platform for communicating with the public.

Is a forum to publicly discuss trade interest between the United States and Iceland.

Engages in the transfer of knowledge, policies and trends in matters concerning trade between the United States and Iceland.

Organizes meetings and conferences concerning common matters between the two countries.

Guards the commercial interest of its members in respect of American and Icelandic authorities.

Chamber of Commerce
Husi verslunarinnar
Kringlunni 7
103 Reykjavík Contact
Kristín S. Hjálmtýsdóttir
Sími: +354 510 7111

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association – SAF is the mutual venue of Icelandic companies operating in the field of travel and tourism. Its purpose is to promote and protect the common interest of the membership and to work towards improved proficiency of both staff and management. The Association will work towards the growth and development of the tourism industry with a professional attitude where emphasis is on quality and environmental concern. Participation is open to all companies working in the travel and tourism industry and all members have valid permits for their operation where such permits are applicable.

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association – SAF endeavors to advance quality, safety and professionalism among its membership. It aims to inform its membership about consumer laws and insurance regulations in all the markets from which the travelers originate. The Association is cooperating with the government and Tourist Board to get official classification of hotels, guesthouses and buses according to service features and quality. It is the aim of the association that membership in it will be associated with quality and professionalism so that travelers and travel planners direct their business to its members.

Borgartúni 35
105 Reykjavík
Sími 511 8000
Símbréf 511 8008