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In mid 13th Iranian century (late 19th century A.D) Haj Mohammad Hasan Amin-ol-Zarb, on behalf of Tehran Traders and supported by a group of businessmen, could attract Nasereddin Shah (the then king of Iran) agreement to form the first Assembly (Majlis)of Traders' Representatives in Iran, which was thereafter called "Majlis of Trade". The articles of association of the "Majlis" were confirmed by the King in the year of 1883.

The Majlis was an economic apparatus having political and legal identity. It also had the authority for designing plans for economic progress and foreign trade promotion. From judicial point of view, it was vested the responsibility of "Court of Trade". In short, "Majlis of Trade" was a circle consisted of the Iranian selected Traders' representatives which was a new manifestation of the traders' social movement in that era.

The articles of association of the "Majlis" had 6 chapters and underlined the following points:

Financial security, establishment of the " office for the Registration" of property and Documents", establishment of a small Iranian Bank and its gradual development, protect the local traders' interests against foreign traders, establishment of new industries to compete with the imported products, enhance the Iranian exports, prevent counterfeiting the exported goods, hold trade fairs and exhibitions for marketing the Iranian goods, fight against the unlimited import of low-quality foreign goods, and finally, the obligations and authorities of the

"Traders' Representatives Majlis of Iran".

At the outset, the Majlis consisted of a central Majlis in the capital city and the provincial ones (Velayat Majlis). Furthermore, in some important commercial and trading cities and ports where traders and businessmen were active, "Majlis of Trade" was established. It is worth nothing that due to the considerable number of Iranian businessmen in some foreign countries' cities such as Baghdad, Istanbul and Badkubeh, individual "Majlises" were also established there.

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