Erbil Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Erbil is the capital of Kurdistan Region, The population of Erbil city is (1,000,000) and the whole population of the governorate is (1500000) .

Erbil is one of the oldest cities in the world where life goes on, the scientists have considered Erbil us the cradle of humanity, because Shanidar cave is located near Erbil has a special importance.
The historical documents have disclosed, that life was found in this cave before 60-65 thousand years. The citadel of Erbil Goes back to 6000 years BC.

There is a peaceful coexistence among nations and different religions in the city.
In addition to the native population of of the city, they the Kurds from Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Arabs from the south and central Iraq live in the city in peace and security

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