The FICC was founded in 1919 as an independent and non-profit entity. It is the leading economic organization representing the trade and service sector, the largest sector in Israel. The FICC serves as roof organization to over 5000 businesses and organizations operating in more than 120 divisions which represent various economic branches including export, import, trade, real estate, financial and business services.

In the last decade, the FICC led several sectoral struggles:
The reduction of purchasing tax.
Abolishing import barriers and opening the market to competing imports.
Advocating policy changes in standardization requirements, reducing import barriers.
Petitioning against strikes initiated by employees of essential public services.
Succeeded to reduce corporate taxes.
Campaigning to reduce market monopoly.
Amendments and equality in the Tender Act Law, enabling more equal opportunities for SMEs.
The FICC is a roof organization of six regional Chambers of Commerce: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Eilat and Nazareth, each one representing their member's interests in variousofficial entities and providing consultancy to individual businesses.

84 Hahashmonaim St.
Tel Aviv 67132, Israel
P. O. Box 20027, Tel Aviv 61200, Israel
Tel.: 972-3-563-1020
Fax.: 972-3-561-9027

Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ICCCI is a non profit organizations and a member of the Federation of the Bi National Chambers of Commence in Israel. We hold close ties with the Israeli Export Institute, The Israeli Manufacturers association, the Chamber of Commerce Federation as well as Governmental ministries and both embassies in Tel Aviv and Prague as well as our counter chamber of commerce in Prague.

ICCCI provides business services, mostly, to its members while providing added value and benefits via its networking and affiliates such as reduced prices on new skoda cars, priority service with Czech Airlines, special corporate rates in hotels both in Israel and the Czech Republic and so on.

Israel - Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry
23 Efal Street POB 3286
Kiryat Arye - Petah Tikva
49511 Israel
Call us at: +972-3-9248049

Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF

The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF is an independent voluntary organization established in 1957,officially mandated which complements institutional frameworks. It provides practical advice and information and organizes different activities to promote bilateral trade and investment between Israel and France.The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF provides support and assistance to the business communities in Israel and France with the aim of facilitating and accelerating bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry-CCIIF is member of the UCCIFE (French Chambers of Commerce & Industry Abroad Union) which includes 111 Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 81 countries, and is the first French private network in the world with a combined membership base of over 30,000 companies.

The Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industry
PO Box 33442
61333 Tel Aviv Israel
Tel: +972 5 59 93 46 96
Fax: +972 3 695 0222