The Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA)

The Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA) was established in 1985 as an independent, non-profit organization with its headquartering in Amman, Jordan. The main objective of the Association is to create and maintain a business climate that will enable the private sector to accomplish its role in the sustainable economic and business development in Jordan.

The (JBA) embraces a wide spectrum of well-reputed entrepreneurs. It comprises about 360 members of senior businessmen in Jordan active in the different Jordanian economic sectors including industry, commerce, agriculture, banking, insurance, construction, tourism, transport and others.

They represent the core of the private sector and this qualifies the Association to act as the single unified spokesman for Jordanian businessmen in communications and meetings with similar foreign businessmen associations.

The private sector, being committed to free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and working in collaboration with the Public Sector, believes in partnership and cooperation with the Arab and friendly countries.

In this context, joint business councils have been set up so far with similar associations in 40 countries.

The (JBA) runs dialogues with ministries concerned with economic affairs in Jordan to boost the role of the private sector in the economic development in the Kingdom. It receives missions of the foreign business communities which visit Jordan, and arranges the meetings between such missions and their Jordanian counterparts

The Jordanian Businessmen Association

Queen Rania Al-Abdallah Street
(Jordan University ST) ,
behind Al-manaser Gas Station,
Jamal Ahmad Al-Qudah street - Villa No 11 .
Phone: 00962-6-5338035
Fax: 00962-6-5337617

The Family Business Governance Center (FBGC)

The Family Business Governance Center (FBGC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness about the important role played by family businesses in the international economies. The FBGC is the work of a group of family business owners who share a host of qualities and aspirations for a better future for the next generation of business leaders.

No. 26, Prince Shaker bin Zaid Street,
921100, Amman
11192, Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan.

The Business and Professional Women Association (BPWA)

The Business and Professional Women Association (BPWA) is a nonprofit NGO established in the year 1976 by a number of professional and pioneering women in Jordan. The Association is located in five major cities: BPW-Amman, BPW-Aqaba, BPW- Irbid, BPW- Madaba and BPW-Zarqa.

BPW-A's mission is to open pathways and create platforms for women in business to move beyond barriers and utilize their unique energies, talents, and capabilities to make a difference.

The Association's long term vision is to be a vital contributor to the prosperity of the Jordanian Business and Professional Society. It serves as a gateway to promote leadership, education, and job-linked training. It is engaged in a wide range of developmental projects that aim to improve the quality of women's participation in the labor market in Jordan. It also aims to develop a formula to create a balance between the professional and personal lives of working women.

BPW-A Energy Center Contact Info

4th Circle, Ibn Asaker St.
P.O. Box 926484, Amman
11190 Jordan
Tel: + 962 5663013
Fax: +9625663014

Amman Chamber of Commerce

The (ACC) was founded in the year 1923 according to an initiative made by forty merchants then, and is, therefore, the oldest chamber of commerce to have been set up in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The (ACC) is a non-profit organization of public interest, operating according to the provisions of the Temporary Law No. (73) for the year 2003, and is not intended to realize any profit but rather seeks to serve its members.In fact, the (ACC) played an important role in activating and improving the trade and economic activity in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Since its establishment in the year 1923 and up to the middle of the past century, the (ACC) remained limited in terms of membership, financial resources and services. The (ACC) and both Irbid and Keral Chambers of Commerce are ones of the oldest chambers in Jordan. As one of the popular and democratic organizations, the (ACC) has played an important role in the various fields of socioeconomic progrees for more than half a century of Jordan’s life, and assumed a leading role in activating trade and economic development, in general. The (ACC) represents the private sector which plays an important and effective role within the present economic system of mixed patterns displaying the joint efforts exerted by the private and public sectors alike.

P.O.Box: 287
Amman - 11118
Telephone: 5666151 6 962
Fax: 5666155 6 962