The Malta Chamber of Commerce

The organisation aims to provide enhanced ‘hands-on’ services to individual members, to mobilise sectors, associations and other groupings to pursue common agendas, to effectively respond to current issues and protect members’ interests; and – most fundamentally – to shape the policies which affect Maltese entrepreneurs. The Malta Chamber provides a visible, prominent, strong and single point of reference for the other stakeholders, including government, EU bodies, foreign business representatives in the sectors of trade, manufacturing and services.

Enterprise and Industry
The Exchange Buildings
Republic Street
Valletta VLT 1117

Tel: (+356) 2123 3873
Fax: (+356) 2124 5223

Malta Business and Professional Association

About the Malta Business and Professional Association
At monthly MBPA events, members have the opportunity to connect with other Malta business leaders, and work together to promote and advance the growth of the Malta area. MBPA representatives attend Malta town meetings at which they offer valuable input. We work within the democratic process to bring about planned growth, responsible government and quality living in Malta and the Village of Round Lake. We also work with each other, providing business support, advice, and networking opportunities.

P.O. Box 2394
Malta, NY 12020
Phone: 518-288-8009