Mauritius-U.S. Business Association, Inc. (MUSBA)

The Mauritius-U.S. Business Association, Inc. (MUSBA) is a nonprofit trade association linking the private sectors of Mauritius and the United States. Every sector of the Mauritian economy is represented among MUSBA's members, including textiles and apparel, tourism, sugar, financial services, logistics and transportation. All of the leading apparel manufacturers in Mauritius are members of MUSBA.

MUSBA was in the forefront of the lobbying campaign in support of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), serving as one of the leading spokespersons for the interests of the private sector of Africa. Indeed, MUSBA President Paul Ryberg was the first to suggest - in testimony before the U.S. International Trade Commission in 1995 - that the African trade legislation that eventually became AGOA should provide quota-free/duty-free access for apparel imports from Africa. MUSBA has continued to represent the interests of its members before Congress in connection with the various amendments to AGOA and before the U.S. Administration as it has implemented AGOA.

As a result of its long involvement with AGOA, MUSBA is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on AGOA and the opportunities it creates for expanded apparel trade with Africa generally and Mauritius in particular.

MUSBA also functions as a clearinghouse for up-to-date information on significant developments in the U.S. Congress and Administration that are likely to affect trade opportunities and investment in Mauritius and the region. In that connection, MUSBA publishes the Mauritius-U.S. Trade Bulletin, which is widely considered to be the authoritative source for timely information and analysis on developments affecting trade between Mauritius and the United States. Sample editions of the Trade Bulletin are available on this website. The full text of the Trade Bulletin is available to members either electronically on this website or in hard copy.

MUSBA also provides its members with a weekly email update of recent developments affecting the implementation of AGOA and the status of new trade opportunities created by AGOA. Because of its expertise concerning AGOA, MUSBA has been especially active in keeping its members informed about the trade and investment opportunities created by AGOA. In May 2000, immediately after AGOA was enacted, MUSBA was proud to sponsor the first seminar on AGOA to be presented in Africa. This seminar in Mauritius was attended by over 400 business executives and government officials and was opened and addressed by the Prime Minister. MUSBA then presented a follow-up seminar in Mauritius in March 2001 to update members on the implementation of AGOA.

MUSBA President Paul Ryberg has served on the organizing committee of the Private Sector Session of each of the annual AGOA Forums held so far. In addition, the Prime Minister of Mauritius appointed Mr. Ryberg to the Executive Committee responsible for organizing the Private Sector Session of the second AGOA Forum, which was held in Mauritius in January 2003.

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