American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro (AmCham Montenegro) is an independent business association based in Podgorica, Montenegro and is financed strictly from contributions made by its members through membership dues and other fees. AmCham is governed by its Board of Governors and the Executive Director.

In addition to promoting investment opportunities in Montenegro, AmCham works with the Government of Montenegro, NGOs, other business associations, international organizations, and diplomatic missions to help improve the business environment for all investors and businesses.

AmCham Montenegro supports the acceleration of Montenegro’s integration with the European Union. We promote good corporate citizenship and the highest standards in business. Serving as an information hub, AmCham Montenegro regularly organizes business-oriented events and activities to facilitate interaction between the private sector and other stakeholders in the business community.

Rimski trg 4/V – Telenor Building
81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 20 621 328, +382 20 512 597
Fax: +382 20 621 628