Oslo Chamber of Commerce

We are a private membership and service organization, with most of the members located in the Oslo area.

The objective is to contribute to increased profitability and increased competitiveness of member companies through networking, skills development and consulting in international business.

We have worked to protect and promote our members’ interests since the establishment in 1908.

Oslo Chamber of Commerce has an international focus and offers knowledge and contacts through the world’s largest business network. We have a wide range of breakfast meetings, seminars and events.

We want to maintain a Norwegian competitiveness in a global world. We are also a key driver for business development.

Oslo Chamber of Commerce focuses on building network. We develop a business environment with increased international perspective, and stimulate a culture that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Visiting Address

Oslo Chamber of Commerce
Henrik Ibsens gate 100
0255 Oslo

Postal Address

Oslo Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 2874 Solli
0230 Oslo, Norway

Contact Us

Telephone: +47 22 12 94 00
Fax:+ 47 22 12 94 01
E-mail: mail@chamber.no

Opening Hours

Office: 08.30 AM – 3.30 PM
Telephone: 08.00 AM -4.00 PM

Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI)

Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI) is an independent association which purpose is to promote business relations between Norway and India. NICCI will provide a network between professionals, companies and organizations.

Events, workshops and meetings will be organized to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer, and in general to provide members with updated information about political, economical, cultural or legislative issues relevant to business and commerce.

The NICCI Board with guests, discussing upcomming events. Clockwise from left: Torkel Thorsen, Rina Sunder, Eivind Homme, Lars Granbakken, Trond Skundberg, Per Reinboth, Morten Solbakken, Martin Jetlund, Helge Tryti and Mr. Ponnapan
The NICCI Board with guests, discussing upcoming events. Clockwise from left: Torkel Thorsen, Rina Sunder, Eivind Homme, Lars Granbakken, Trond Skundberg, Per Reinboth, Morten Solbakken, Martin Jetlund, Helge Tryti and Mr. Ponnapan
We collaborate with several high-level organizations both in India and Norway. Among them, the Federation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and the Norwegian Business Association in India (NBAI).

We are part of Team Norway, a joint collaboration between NBAI, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in India, and Innovation Norway.

Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Henrik Ibsens gt. 100
P.O Box 2689, Solli
0203 Oslo

Bergen Chamber of Commerce

The Bergen Chamber of Commerce has proud traditions dating back to 1845. The story is about local businesses WHO have diligently mastered the changing times. It is Also a story market town upheavals, caused by the technological development, structural market changes, Reviews access to raw materials or crises. For the 150 year jubilee in 1995, the BCC ISSUED the book 'Better forward Bergen' - Bergens sector 1845-1995 (Better forward Bergen - the Bergen business sector from 1845 to 1995). The book Consignor gives the reader an insight into the development of the business sector in good times and bad through 150 years, from the epoch of sailing-ships to our own oil and gas era. The establishment of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce Bergen Chamber of Commerce was formally established on the 6th of September 1988, but our roots go much further back in time, to the 17th of November 1845 When Bergens Haandværkerforening was Founded. The organization changed it's name in 1886 two Bergens Haandværks- and Industry Association Bergens Handelsforening was established in 1895 and Bergen Chamber of Commerce in 1915. In 1988 These Organisations merged into Bergen Chamber of Commerce. Publicly environment and Bergen Financial Forum are Also linked to the Bergen Chamber of Commerce organization.

PO Box 843 Sentrum
5807 Bergen

Office Address:

Olav Kyrresgt. 11
5014 Bergen
T: 55 55 39 00
F: 55 55 39 01

British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC)

The British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) is a non-profit organisation based in Oslo and Stavanger, it was created with the aim of promoting business between Norway and the UK. The BNCC strives to be the leading independent networking forum for the promotion of British Norwegian trade, providing a professional and social environment in which we introduce organisations and their representatives to the British-Norwegian business community in Norway.

We host regular events throughout the year, with speakers who cover topics of interest from business life in the two countries, offering opportunities to meet business leaders who are actively working in the British and Norwegian markets. Discussions and social gatherings follow the presentations, allowing ample opportunity for networking. Our events usually take place at the British Embassy in Oslo, where members have the opportunity to meet Embassy representatives.

Main Office BNCC Oslo E-mail: oslo[at]bncc.no c/o The British Embassy, Thomas Heftyes Gate 8, 0244 Oslo.
General Manager, Neill Flack
Tel: +47 2313 2703
Mobile: +47 4034 2489

The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA)

The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) seeks to promote business opportunities on the African continent and serve as a bridge between Norwegian and African business communities. NABA will work to increase more efficient and less risky trade between Norway and Africa.


The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) was founded by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Virke – the Enterprise Federation of Norway, Norfund, Statoil, Yara International, Nortura, DLA Piper, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Jotun AS, Astrium Services, Innovation Norway, Aqua Unique, Belief AS, Green Energy Group, Marine Research Institute and the Oslo Chamber of Commerce.

NABA is the only Norwegian-African chamber of commerce, and provides the most relevant network for Norwegian companies working in African markets. NABA promotes Norwegian member companies in Africa, we promote African business opportunities in Norway and advocate for more, better and safer business collaboration between Norway and African countries.

As a member of the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM) NABA is linked to more than 4000 European companies present on the African continent


Postal address: NABA, P.O Box 1280 Vika, NO-0111 Oslo, Norway
Visiting address: Middelthuns gate 27, Majorstuen, Oslo
Tel: (+47) 959 69 631

Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA)

The Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA) works to achieve its objective by

1. Raising awareness of Canada and Norway as:
- source of business partners
- sites for investment
- accessible markets
- sources of new products

2. Supporting Canadian and Norwegian companies through:
- information on new initiatives
- providing a forum for exchange of experiences

3. Arranging events bringing Canadian & Norwegian companies & individuals together
- partnering events
- presentations/business briefings
- cultural and social events

The Canadian Norwegian Business Association's mailing address is:

Box 449
N-1302 Sandvika
Tel: +47 928 68 757

For more information about the Canadian Norwegian Business Association, please contact:

Kristian (Kristiansen)
CNBA Administrator

Norwegian Irish Business Association

NIBA – the Norwegian Irish Business Association - was established in 1994 as a forum and network for companies, organisations and private persons interested in strengthening the business relationship between Ireland and Norway.

Membership includes representatives from the Embassy of Ireland, Tourism Ireland and DFDS Logistics, to name but a few.

NIBA also works closely with its sister organisation in Ireland, Norwegian Irish Business Council – NIBC.

The volume of trade between our two counties has steadily risen in recent years and now stands at an all time high. Ireland enjoyed record growth rates for almost two decades, and its per capita GDP is now above the EU average. Several important Norwegian companies have established themselves in Ireland.

This increased activity between our two countries contributed to the opening of an Irish Embassy in Norway, at the start of 2001. Direct air service is also available – you are there in less than two hours.

NIBA also arranges meetings for its members to cover topics of mutual interest such as investment in Ireland, export opportunities, and the experiences of Norwegian companies established in Ireland. NIBA provides its members a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of other companies on how to build good relationship with Ireland.

NIBA is part of an informal group of other EU chambers in Norway which extends our networking to most EU countries. Our members will be invited to their meetings and to exchange their experience with them.

NIBA participates actively in social and cultural events, including joint activities on St. Patrick’s Day, the annual Irish Music Festival in the autumn, book launches by Norwegian authors writing about Ireland, and other social gatherings.

In NIBA we try to focus on what makes Ireland interesting to a Norwegian, with special focus on the commercial side. But in Ireland “Business and Pleasure” often goes hand-in-hand, so we try to do the same over here.

For further information please contact our secretary on the address listed below. We look forward to hearing from you

c/o Aud Beckstrøm
Ulsholtveien 42, 1053 Oslo
Tel. mobile +47 91547177