Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce

Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce is an international network of business entities and professionals, using the information technology resources available through the modern communications and the internet to promote business and investment opportunities from and to Peru.

Since 2005 Peru has signed multiple Trade Agreements with different countries eliminating trade tariffs and removing barriers to many services, providing a secure, predictable legal framework for investors, and in general strengthening protection for intellectual property, workers, and the environment. The United States-Peruvian Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) entered into force on February 2009 favoring 80 percent of U.S. consumer and industrial goods exports to Peru, US$4.8 Billion, which are no longer subject to tariff. The PTPA is the first agreement in force that incorporates groundbreaking provisions concerning the protection of the environment and labor rights.

PERU: (511) 401-6865 - (519) 996-3869