CCPI Chamber of Commerce Portugal-India

The Mission of the CCPI is to foster sustainable business at the corporate level between Portuguese companies and their Indian counter parties.

- Promote Portugal and its Lusofonic partners to Indian corporations and HNIs as a natural destination for investment.
- Create conditions with the government and institutions in Portugal to facilitate this vision and change the political rhetoric to include India as an additional
nexus in their promotional strategy.

We focus primarily on corporate members and keep membership at a level where we can serve efficiently.

We will provide all services needed to ensure our members can effectively do business in India. We will coordinate with Embassies and Consulates in both countries and accompany members if required to meet with potential Indian clients. Our aim is to be a business channel and to that end social events will be kept to a minimum.

Câmara de Comércio Portugal - Índia
Rua Castilho 39,15º
1250-068 Lisbon

British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

About the BPCC
With circa 400 members, the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1911, is an independent, non-profit organisation that sets out to promote the interests of its membership in respect to commercial links between businesses in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

We achieve this mainly through a programme of networking events and by making available a number of very useful business services.

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is a totally independent organisation, financed solely by the subscriptions of our members and through profits arising from Chamber events and the services we provide.

We work with, but not on behalf of, any Government organisation, and we are specifically prohibited from any party political activity by our statutes. Any company, whether operating in or from the UK or Portugal, is eligible to apply for membership of the Chamber.

By joining the Chamber, a company can benefit not only from discounts on a number of services, but also from joining a network of companies interested in British-Portuguese commerce, with all the communications and opportunities this implies.

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is run by an extremely competent and friendly professional staff from our offices in Lisbon, and we also have local representatives in the North of the country as well as in the Algarve.

The overall supervision of the Chamber's activities is the responsibility of our Board of Directors, which is made up from professionals working in Portugal, but who contribute their time to the Chamber on a voluntary basis.

Câmara de Comércio Luso-Britânica
Rua da Estrela, Nº 8
1200-669 Lisboa
Tel: +351 213 942 020

Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

The Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit member organisation.

Our mission is to connect Portuguese and Dutch entrepreneurs in a valuable and sustainable way.

By clicking on the "joinus" button on the top right of this page you are just a few clicks away of becoming part of our great business network !

Av. Infante Santo, 43-5.º
1399-011 Lisbon Portugal
Telephone Number:- +351 213 955 580 / 1