Rwanda Bankers Association

The objects of the Association are:

To promote standards of professional competence and practice amongst Members.
To promote and organize co-ordination and co-operation on procedural, legal, technical, administrative or professional issues and practices of banks and the banking industry.
To promote and develop in Rwanda sound and progressive banking principles, practices and conventions and to contribute to the development of banking.
To render assistance and to provide various common services to Members and to the banking industry.
To develop and implement new ideas and innovations in banking services, operations and procedures.
To initiate advance planning for the introduction of new systems or services in the banking industry.
To collect, classify and circulate statistical and other information on the structure and working of the banking system, including to act as a clearing house for dissemination and exchange of statistical data, information, views and opinions on the systems, procedures and practices, and organization and methods of banks and on the structure, working and operations of the banking system.
To explore, plan, co-ordinate and organize detailed surveys on banking, business, resources, personnel and management development programs of banks and the banking industry.
To pool together talents and resources available with Members and to organize exchange of expertise and experiences of Members for simplifying forms and procedures, for reducing costs of operation, for increasing efficiency and productivity and for such other common purposes as may be necessary or relevant to banks and the banking industry.
To organize exchange of credit information and opinions, export information or information and views on any other aspect of interest to banks or the banking industry.
To operate a website contacting information about the Association, its members and accredited bankers, to issue periodical newsletters, bulletins or magazines and publish books, pamphlets or other literature on matters of interest to members and to the banking industry.
To project a good public image of banking as a service industry and develop good public relations.
To promote harmonious personnel relations in the banking industry and to devise ways and means for involving banking personnel in the endeavours of banks for growth and development of banking and the economy of the country.
To maintain continuous communications with the representatives of bank employees, on terms of employment, to conduct talks, discussions, and negotiations with them and to arrive at settlements.
To acquire, either by purchase, lease or otherwise, any property for the benefit of the Association, and also to sell, let, mortgage or charge or otherwise deal with, or dispose of, property belonging to the Association.
To act jointly by federation, affiliation or otherwise with any organisation having similar or kindred interests.
If considered desirable, to raise and maintain a common fund to be applied and used in carrying out any of the objectives of the Association.
Establish and operate such district or other branches outside of Kigali as may from time to time be deemed necessary.
To carry on publicity for the purposes of educating the public with regard to the scope, importance and activities of the banking industry to assist its growth and development.
To liaise and advocate with the Government of Rwanda and its ministries on any policies and laws that may impact on the banking industry as a whole in Rwanda.
Generally to do all and any other thing that may be necessary or relevant for the realisation of the objects and purposes of the Association, directly or indirectly.
To do all and any such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects.
In junction with the Rwanda Institute of Bankers, to promote education and knowledge of the Law and practice of banking in Rwanda, including:
Setting and monitoring professional banking education and training standards in Rwanda;
Accrediting professional banking education providers and their programs in Rwanda;
Recognizing and confirming qualifications relevant to the provision of banking examinations in Rwanda;
In conjunction with the accredited professional banking education providers, (such may be, initially, external to Rwanda) jointly awarding prizes, certificates and diplomas to candidates who have passed accredited professional banking education courses;
Operating a system of bank officer accreditation in Rwanda, including ensuring a register of Accredited Bank Officers in Rwanda is administered and maintained.

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Tel Office: +250 252 577 426