Saudi Arabia

U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC)

The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC) was established as a non-profit organization in 1993 as a spin-off of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Joint Economic Commission, a technical assistance initiative between the Saudi Ministry of Finance and National Economy and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which was co-chaired by former Saudi Minister of Finance and National Economy H.E. Mohammed Abalkhail and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen.

Today, the USSABC is recognized as the premier U.S.-based bilateral business promotion entity working with U.S. and Saudi companies. The USSABC provides ACCESS and NETWORKING (through trade missions, business development services, conferences, and seminars in both countries) as well as INSIGHT (through publications and industry sector reports) to members and non-member companies that want to pursue specific business activities in Saudi Arabia and/or the U.S.

Many of these companies have signed trade deals that have expanded their businesses and made contacts that have led to continued trade and stronger bilateral relationships. These deals have been associated with tens of millions of dollars in new business in the forms of contracts, memoranda of understanding, and letters of intent.

With offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., and a membership base of approximately 400 leading American and Saudi companies, the USSABC effectively utilizes its strong U.S. and Saudi government support, deep-seated market knowledge and contacts within Saudi Arabia, to accelerate the speed and ease of doing business in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabian Office

WASEL 2163
Urouba Street
Office 6-1
Mather North – Unit No. 43
Riyadh 12334-7795
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 966-11-474-2555/3555 or 966-11-476-7913
Fax: 966-11-476-7167/2697

British Business Association

The British Business Association of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (BBAEP) consists of about 190 individual members who strive to develop and improve British business interests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Membership is open to all British passport holders resident in the Eastern Province who have business interests in the Kingdom.
The association works closely with the British Embassy in Riyadh and the British Trade Office in Al-Khobar and in addition to regular business networking meetings also arranges social and sporting events for members and their families.
The aims and objectives of the BBA are primarily to further British business interests in the region and in doing so we provide an active business and social forum for members to meet, exchange ideas and contacts, learn about activities related to current business issues or projects and keep abreast of changes in Saudi business regulations.

Phone: +966-13 8825629