South Africa

South African Association of Business Communites

SAABC is a networking forum for business professionals with a South African affiliation working within the global business community.

Our mission is to connect, inspire and empower the South African business community working in the global arena, supporting their ability to be more productive and successful.

Our vision is to have thousands of South African professionals meet, exchange ideas, find opportunities and employees, promote their products or business, and learn from each other, all within a network of trusted relationships.

As a socially responsible organization we empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by supporting educational charitable causes through our network.

The South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry

With wide-ranging changes taking place in South Africa, as well as internationally, business people find it increasingly difficult to operate in isolation and ensure survival. The chamber movement represented by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (formally known as South African Chamber of Business (SACOB)) and its almost 50 constituent chambers is a lifeline for business people.

The SACCI membership comprises approximately 20 000 small, medium and large enterprises across the breadth of the nation and across all economic sectors. Large enterprises are generally direct members of SACCI while small and medium enterprises are members through more than 50 local and regional chambers and 15 national associations. click here to get a full overview of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Alan Mukoki ( CEO )
Telephone: 011 446 3800
Fax: 086 532 7357


SATBA is a non-profit organization founded in 2007. SATBA’s mission is to enhance business relations between RSA and TURKIYE. SATBA encourages investments to Turkiye from RSA and from Turkiye to RSA. SATBA aims, parallel to the developments elsewhere in the world and in its capacity of the highest level representative of the South African and Turkish private sector, at ensuring unity and solidarity between the members and commodity exchanges, enhancing development of the professions in conformance with general interest, facilitating professional work of members, promoting honesty and confidence in the relations of members with one another and with the general public, and preserving professional discipline and ethics. SATBA is not interested in involving any kind of business activity. We believe that each businessman is unique and once we succeed to make right connection, they will manage to do business without our presence. One of our aims is drawing interests of young generation and women to participate in our activities SATBA is the trustworthy representative of Turkiye and South Africa. SATBA has established fruitful relations with other Business organizations, chambers, unions and association all over the world.

SATBA is playing a pioneer role in the endeavor of business people to become an information society and also to take part in the world that is running into a global village day by day. With the ever growing data base and strengthening international ties SATBA has become a silk way point of opportunities for all Business targeting the global market and investment. SATBA is committed to relay information to its members and foreign Business to enable them to invest and do business in the trade and services sectors in South Africa and rest of the African Continent, Turkiye, Middle East, Central Asia, Balkans and all over the world. SATBA facilitates their international contacts for their business needs. SATBA aims to strengthen the structure of small and medium sized enterprises, which occupy a significant place in the countries economy. SATBA enables them to reach liberal and modern standards and to increase their competitiveness in a rapidly globalizing world. SATBA furnishes its members with the necessary vocational skills to be able to provide quality, high-level status for them.

Address: 46 Wingfield Avenue, Birdhaven /Johannesburg
Phone: +27 11 447 8706
+27 11 447 8711
Fax :+27 11 447 8707
Fax : 086 628 5255

Nordic-South African Business Association

The Nordic-South African Business Association is a private non-profit initiative founded in 2007 to support the development of stronger business ties between South Africa and the Nordic countries

What does the NSBA offer?
NSBA offers a unique networking platform to the Nordic and South African business communities, by providing members with a forum where they can identify and discuss common ground regarding joint commercial interests and doing business in South Africa and/or the Nordic countries.

The focus of NSBA is to facilitate the growing of relationships and to stimulate business between all members of the organisation, as well as other organisations in the countries in which they operate.

Nordic South-African Business Association
345 Rivonia Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Building A
Edenburg, Rivonia (Rivonia Square)

Postal Address
P.O. Box 783155, Sandton, 2146, South Africa

Telephone: (+27) 11 202 0510
Fax: (+27)011 807 17777