Business Sweden

Business Sweden's role is to help Swedish companies to reach their full international potential. We do this by offering strategic counselling and practical support, weather it is in Sweden or on location in one of the close to 50 markets where we are represented.
Besides our work with internationalisation and exports, our mission is also to attract foreign investments to Sweden, which brings competence, capital and important channels to Swedish companies.

Business Sweden was founded on January 1, 2013, by a merger of the Swedish Trade Council and Invest Sweden. Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish government and the industry, represented by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Foreign Trade Association. The shared ownership provides access to contacts and networks at all levels.


Postal address: Box 240, 10124 Stockholm
Visitor address: World Trade Center
Klarabergsviadukten 70
T: 08 - 588 660 00
F: 08-588 661 90

Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC)

The Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC) is the first choice network for growing business between Sweden and India.

Established in May 2003, SIBC now grows rapidly every year adding both SME’s and large companies as members, and arranging an average of 15 networking events per year. As a result of discussions between the Swedish and Indian Business Community, and MOU was signed between the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Since then SIBC has also signed a collaboration agreement with federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in India. 60% of SIBC’s membership base consists of SME’s. SIBC was founded in order to:

facilitate daily and strategic business decisions by increasing the knowledge and direct network of its members
deepen and strengthen relations between companies
support and facilitate new business partnerships
provide a forum for the exchange of business and cultural values, business experiences and ideas
provide its members and Swedish and Indian governments with valuable information on business opportunities and any significant obstacles to trade and investment
maintain close contact with the Swedish Government, the Indian Embassy in Stockholm and other appropriateauthorities to facilitate information flow


Robin Sukhia, Secretary General
Sweden India Business Council
Rörgängagatan 17A, 120 70
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel:- +46 70 910 7351

Swedish Belarusian Business Association

About us
SBBA, the Swedish Belarusian Business Association is a non profit organization founded by individuals, companies, organizations and institutions in Belarus and Sweden.


to promote business relations and culture between Sweden and Belarus
to create sustainable networks and business between companies in Sweden and Belarus
to act as facilitator for increased trade between our countries


Information and contact organization
Mission to promote bi-lateral trade between Belarus and Sweden
Forum for new ideas and exchange of experiences
Offers value add to the members by information about business opportunities and trade, seminars and informal meetings and networking
Facilitate networking with decision makers
SBBA member companies represent a broad experience both on the Belarusian and Swedish markets
Most of the larger Swedish companies interested in the Belarusian market will be members
SBBA long experience from the Belarusian market and the Swedish
SBBA management good knowledge and contact network
Good contacts with other Chambers of Commerce in Sweden and elsewhere and private company associations and women business clubs


Lützengatan 12
S-115 20 Stockholm
Mob: +46 70 519 55 94
Phone: +46 8 40812018
Fax: +46 706 195594