European Business Association

European Business Association: the premier organisation for foreign business in Ukraine

Established in 1999, the EBA provides a forum in which members can discuss and find solutions to common problems affecting business in Ukraine. This initiative was initially supported by the European Commission and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential business communities in the country.

EBA Head Office in Kyiv

1st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz
Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 496 06 01
Fax: +38 044 496 06 02

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council was established in October 1995 to advance U.S. companies' trade and investment interests in Ukraine's significant emerging market, advocate for measures to improve conditions for bilateral trade and investment, and generally promote strong, friendly bilateral ties. To fulfill this mission, the Council seeks to:

Assure that the U.S. business viewpoint is known and given highest consideration in the formulation of U.S. Government policies towards Ukraine;

Assure that the U.S. business perspective, including the U.S. business community's desire to contribute constructively to Ukraine's vigorous market development, is understood within the Ukrainian public and private sectors;

Make U.S. business views known to the Government and private sector of Ukraine with respect to policies and legal, regulatory and other matters which bear significantly upon the willingness or ability of U.S. companies to trade with or invest in Ukraine;

Facilitate direct contacts between its members and senior Ukrainian Government and business leaders which foster the elimination of impediments to trade or investment or which otherwise can materially assist the realization of investment or trade opportunities.

In support of its mission, the Council works closely with the full range of other organizations interested in supporting a growing commercial relationship between the United States and Ukraine.

Ludmyla Dudnyk
Program Director
U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)
4-A Baseyna St.
Mandarin Plaza, 8th Floor
Kyiv 01004 Ukraine
Tel. +38 (050) 358 2681