Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce

The federation of yemen chambers of commerce and industry has been established on the year 1963 according to the republican decree no. ( 14 ) which issued in the same year. Since the establishment of the federation until now, the federation has carried out large number of tasks and functions, the most are:-
• the contribution in solving the economic and commercial problems.
• the contribution in solving the difficulties and obstacles which encountered the growth and the development of the special business environment.
• the establishment of the chambers in all governorates of the republic which estimated to twenty one chamber.
• to hold meetings with the representatives of the special business environment and the concerned governmental bodies. About the most issues which faced the growth and the development of the national economy.
• the preparation of large group of economic studeis.
• the participation in the delegations , exhibitions and economic, commerical regional and international forums.

In the light of the international trends, the private sector plays the pioneer role in the leadership of the track of the economic and social development. Therefore, the federation will seek to strengthen and develop the bases of the effective participation with the government and the corporations of the society for the sake of sustained comprehensive development and to stretch the bridges of cooperation and participation with the corporations and regional and international organizations to carry out the following:-
• to raise the level of the performance of the special business environment.
• to solve the problems and obstacles which are facing the yemeni economy.
• to encourage the domestic foreign investments
• to create new working opportunities for the members of the yemeni work market.
• the preparation of the private sector to the regional and international economic integration