Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) is a non-profit making membership-based organisation that provides services designed to support its members in business development.

As an independent organisation, the ZNCC represents the interests of its members through lobbying, collaboration and facilitation.

It provides a focus on business empowerment as the engine for economic growth and also encourages competitiveness in the market place through the promotion of organised business communities.

5th Floor Zambia House
48 Kwameh Nkrumah
Tel: 263-42935530/1/0774768895

Zimbabwe Angola Business Association

ZABA (Zimbabwe Angola Business Association), our objective is to encourage and foster trade and business partnerships between Zimbabwe and Angola. The countries share a common social and traditional culture. During the late 90‘s Zimbabwe supplied arms and more than 2,000 combat troops, including 20 military intelligence officers, deployed in Angola whose presence assisted the Angolan Armed Forces to win their independence. Advantageously our climate, typography and infrastructure are similar and Angola maintains a positive, investment friendly atmosphere which is highly beneficial for Zimbabweans considering our shared historical alliance and amiable relationship. Our goal is to assist Zimbabweans to launch or expand their companies in Angola and vice versa for the mutual benefit of both nations.

ZimTrade Head Office: 904 Premium Close, Mount Pleasant Business Park.
P.O.Box 2738, Harare
Telephone: +263 4 369336-41, 291 8229/8, 0773 584 261
Fax: +263 4 369244